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Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013 
Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees

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 Effective Fall 2012

All tuition and fee charges listed in this catalog and in any registration materials issued by the college are subject to change by action of the Trustees of the City University of New York without prior notice.

Undergraduate – Matriculated

  Full-time $2,715/semester
  Part-time $230/credit
  Full-time $485/credit
  Part-time $485/credit

Other Undergraduate

  Non-degree $340/credit
  *Senior Citizen fee $65/semester
  or session (plus a $15 consolidated services fee)  
  *Enrollment on a “space available” basis only  
  Non-degree $720/credit
Credits in Excess of 18  
  Less than or equal to two $100
  Greater than two but less than or equal to four $230
  Greater than four but less than or equal to six $460
  Greater than six $690

Graduate (Masters) Except School of Social Work and Doctoral Nursing Program (DNP)

  Full-time $4,345/semester
  Part-time $365/credit
  Excess hours $65/hour
  Full-time $675/credit
  Part-time $675/credit
  Excess hours $85/hour
Maintenance of Matriculation:  
  Residents $180.00
  Non-Residents $295.00

Masters in Social Work and Doctoral Nursing Program (DNP)

  Full-time $5,740/semester
  Part-time $485/credit
  Full-time $775/credit
  Part-time $775/credit
  Excess Contact Hours for Graduate courses that have more contact hours than credit hours  
   NY State residents $65 per excess contact hour
  non-NY State residents $85 per excess contact hour

Combined BA-MA Program:

Students in combined programs will pay undergraduate tuition rates up to the number of credits required to earn a baccalaureate degree in that particular program. Any credits in excess of that number toward the combined degree are billed at the graduate level. A combined BA-MA degree ranges from 120 to 141 credits.

Student Activity Fees

Fall and Spring  
  Undergraduate full-time $84.50
  Undergraduate part-time $54.45
  Graduate $12.85
  Undergraduate full-time $26.55
  Undergraduate part-time $26.55
  Graduate no fee

Other Required Fees


Consolidated Services Fee:


All students, including Senior Citizens


Technology Fee:


All students, except College Now and Senior Citizens





  Material Fee  
  Certain courses such as laboratory or studio courses, have a material fee. These fees are listed in the course description for each applicable course. The fees will be included in the student’s bill and are payable to the bursar. Senior Citizens who choose to take one of these courses will be required to pay the material fee.


Cancellation Policy

 The college’s cancellation policy is both published on our website ( and detailed on student’s online  bills found on eSIMSs. The policy is also outlined in the sched­ule of classes.

CUNY Policy This policy relates to all students who withdraw from courses prior to the 1st day of the 4th week of class. The refund policy is as follows:

100% tuition and fees prior to 1st official day of classes

75% tuition only prior to 1st day of 2nd week of classes

50% tuition only prior to 1st day of 3rd week of classes

25% tuition only prior to 1st day of 4th week of classes

Federal Title IV Funds/Pro-Rata Refunds Students who completely and officially withdraw or unofficially withdraw from ALL their class(es) and who receive Federal Financial Aid are subject to a Return of Title IV Funds Calculation. The college will calculate how much Title IV aid has been earned by the student based on a period of atten­dance. The unearned portion of the Title IV funds must be returned to the Department of Education by the college and the student.  It is recommended that all students who have financial aid and plan to withdraw from classes seek the advice of the Bursar’s Office before taking any action.

Special Provisions for Students in the Military

The following policies apply to students who leave CUNY to fulfill military obligations. Military personnel for whom these provisions apply must register each semester with the Veterans Affairs representative in Student Affairs, Room 1119 Hunter East. 

Students called up to the reserves or drafted before the end of the semester

  1. Grades In order to obtain a grade, a student must attend 13 weeks (five weeks for summer session).
  2. Refunds A student called up to the reserves or drafted who does not attend for a sufficient time to qualify for a grade is entitled to a 100% refund of tuition and all other fees except application fees.

Students who volunteer (enlist) for the military

  1. Grades Same provision as for students called up to the reserves. In order to obtain a grade, a student must attend 13 weeks (five weeks for summer session).
  2. Refunds The amount of the refund depends upon whether the withdrawal is before the 5th week of classes.
    1. Withdrawal before beginning of the 5th calendar week (3rd calendar week for summer session): 100% refund of tuition and all other fees except application fees.
    2. Withdrawal thereafter: 50% refund.

Other Provisions for Military Service:

  1. Resident Tuition Rates These lower rates are applicable to all members of the armed services, their spouses and their dependent children, on full-time active duty and stationed in the State of New York.
  2. Re-enrollment of Veterans Veterans who are returning students are given preferred treatment in the following ways:
    1. Veterans who were former students with unsatisfactory scholastic records, may be readmitted with a probationary program.
    2. Veterans, upon their return, may register even after normal registration periods, without late fees.
    3. Granting of college credit for military service and armed forces instructional courses.
    4. Veterans returning too late to register may audit classes without charge.
  3. Late Admissions Veterans with no previous college experience are permitted to file applications up to the date of registration and are allowed to begin classes pending completion of their application and provision of supporting documents.
  4. Readmission Fee Upon return from military service, a student will not be charged a Readmission Fee to register at the same college.
  5. Veterans Tuition Deferrals Veterans are entitled to defer the payment of tuition pending receipt of veterans’ benefits.
  6. New York National Guard Tuition Waivers Active members of the New York National Guard, who are legal residents of New York State and who do not have a baccalaureate degree, are eligible for a tuition waiver for undergraduate study
  7. For additional information, see the CUNY policy of military service.

Financial Aid Processing Center:

1605 HE
(212) 772-5017

The primary role of the Financial Aid Processing Center (FAPC) is to help students fulfill their tuition obligation by processing financial aid in coordination with the Bursar’s and Financial Aid Offices. Additionally, this office administers the Federal Work Study and Federal Perkins Loan Programs, processes emergency loans and maintains accountability over all financial aid funded book advances.