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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Programs and Courses in Political Science

Political Science

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Undergraduate Major

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Political Science: Introductory Courses

The introductory courses acquaint the student with a particular segment of political science: American Government and Politics; Political Theory; Comparative Politics; and International Politics. Each will fulfill three credits of the Broad Exposure/Stage 2, Group B requirement in the social sciences. (POLSC 11000  can be used to fulfill GER 1/C or 2/B), although only one of these courses may be used for that purpose. Only two introductory courses can be applied toward the major. Students who have taken POLSC 11100 may not receive credit for POLSC 11000.

Political Science: 200 Level Core Courses

These core courses are foundational courses for their respective fields and the International Relations course is a prerequisite for many 300-level courses in international relations.  

Political Science: American Government and Politics

Political Science: Comparative Politics

Political Science: International Politics

Political Science: Political Theory

Political Science: Independent Study, Honors, Advanced Seminars

The following courses, which include independent studies, and honors independent studies, may not be used to fulfill the four subfield requirement.  No more than 6 credits in internship, independent study, and/or experiential courses (such as Model United Nations) may be used to satisfy the 30 credits in the major.

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