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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Jacqueline Nassy Brown, Associate Professor, Anthropology; BA Hunter, PhD Stanford

Ignasi Clemente, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, BA Barcelona, MA PhD UCLA

Gerald Creed, Professor, Anthropology; BA Duke, MA, PhD CUNY

Marc Edelman, Professor, Anthropology; BA, MA, PhD Columbia

Judith Friedlander, Professor, Anthropology; PhD Chicago

Christopher Gilbert, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, BA Duke, MA PhD Stony Brook

David Julian Hodges, Professor, Anthropology; BA Morris Brown, MA, PhD N

Gregory A. Johnson, Professor and Chair, Anthropology; AB, AM, PhD Michigan (Dearborn)

Yukiko Koga, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, BA Keio, MA Syracuse, PhD Columbia

Thomas H. McGovern, Professor, Anthropology; BA, MA, PhD Columbia

William J. Parry, Professor, Anthropology; AB Franklin and Marshall, MA, PhD Michigan(Ann Arbor)

Herman Pontzer, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, BA Penn State, AM PhD Harvard

Jessica Rothman, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, BS MS PhD Cornell

Jonathan Shannon, Associate Professor, Anthropology; BA Stanford, MA Hunter, PhD CUNY

Michael E. Steiper, Associate Professor, Anthropology, BA NYU, PhD Harvard

Ida Susser, Professor and Chair, Anthropology; AB Barnard, MA Chicago, PhD Columbia


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