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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physics and Astronomy

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Janos Bergou, Professor, Physics; MS, PhD Lorand Eotvos (Hungary)

Ying-Chih Chen,
Professor; BA National Taiwan, PhD Columbia

Leon Cohen,
Professor; BS City College, MS, PhD Yale

Kelle Cruz, Assistant Professor; BA, PhD Penn

Noel Goddard,
Assistant Professor; BS, MS Polytechnic University, PhD Rockefeller

Steven G. Greenbaum,
Professor; BA Clark, ScM, PhD Brown

Godfrey Gumbs,
Maria A. Chianta and Alice M. Stoll Distinguished Professor, Physics and Astronomy; BA Cambridge (UK), MS, PhD Toronto (Canada)

Mark Hillery,
Professor; BS MIT, MS, PhD California (Berkeley)

Hyungsik Lim, Assistant Professor; BEng Seoul National University, MS Ohio State, PhD Cornell

Neepa Maitra,
Associate Professor; MA, PhD Harvard

Yuhang Ren,
Associate Professor and Chair; BA Zhejiang Normal University (China), PhD Zhejiang University, PhD William and Mary

Rodney L. Varley,
Associate Professor; BS Stevens Institute, PhD Brandeis

Marilyn W. Rothschild,
Director, Physical Sciences Learning Center; BS City College, MS, PhD Rutgers


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