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Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015 
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Urban Public Health

About the School of Urban Public Health

Hunter College’s School of Urban Public Health is a consortial partner and the lead institution in the CUNY School of Public Health (SPH). The CUNY SPH is comprised of public health degree programs at Brooklyn College, Hunter College, Lehman College and the Graduate School and University Center (Graduate Center) of CUNY.  To realize its mission, the school partners with communities, nonprofit and private organizations and government at all levels to build capacities and create the conditions necessary for people to lead healthier lives. Within the CUNY SPH, teaching, research and service are focused on four broad inter-related goals that reflect major health challenges in the current era:

1) creating healthier cities

2) promoting healthy aging through the lifespan

3) preventing chronic diseases and improving their management

4) promoting health equity

The CUNY School of Public Health is committed to teaching, research and service that creates a healthier New York City and helps promote equitable, efficient and evidence-based solutions to pressing health problems facing cities around the world. The programs in public health at the CUNY SPH educate public health professionals to promote health and prevent disease among urban populations. These programs prepare students to work with the diverse populations living in cities, and to serve in a variety of settings in government, non-profit organizations, businesses and communities.

The School of Urban Public Health offers undergraduate degrees in Community Health - BS  and Nutrition and Food Science - BS , an Accelerated BS/MS in Nutrition (DPD) , a master of public health (MPH) degree, with specializations in community health education (COMHE), environmental and occupational health sciences (EOHS-MPH), epidemiology and biostatistics (EPI-BIOS), public health policy and management (HPM) and nutrition (NUTR-MPH).  It also offers a Master of Science (MS) degree, with specializations in environmental and occupational sciences (EOHS-MS) and Nutrition (NUTR-MS). The MS degree in Nutrition (NUTR-MS) is an accredited didactic program in dietetics (DPD), and is designed for individuals seeking to become eligible to sit for the national registration examination in dietetics to become credentialed as a Registered Dietitian (RD).  With the Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing, it also offers an MSN/MPH degree in community health nursing. (Please see the Graduate catalog catalog.hunter.cuny.edu/content.php).

With the Graduate Center, the School of Urban Public Health offers a doctor of public health (DPH) degree, with specializations in community society and health, epidemiology, environmental and occupational health, and public health policy and management. The DPH degree program can be found at the CUNY Graduate Center website www.gc.cuny.edu/

Community Health - BS  Completion of 60 credits; combined grade point average (GPA) of all postsecondary institutions attended of minimum 3.0; completion of prerequisite courses with at least a grade of “C”.

Nutrition and Food Science - BS  Completion of 60 credits, including the following prerequisites: two semesters of anatomy and physiology with lab; one semester of general chemistry with lab; one semester of organic chemistry with lab; one semester of microbiology with lab; one semester of introductory food science; one semester of introductory nutrition. The introductory food science and nutrition courses may be completed in the summer session preceding entrance to the program. A grade of C or better must be earned in all prerequisites. The introductory food science and nutrition courses may be completed in the summer session preceding entrance to the program. An overall GPA of 2.8 is required for consideration. Owing to the competitive nature of the program, however, the actual GPA required for admission may be higher. Students who have completed 30 credits at Hunter College or at another City University institution at the time of the application will be given priority in the selection process. Students can attend on a full- or part-time basis during the day. 

Accelerated BS/MS in Nutrition (DPD)  

This pathway is for third year NFS majors who are interested in completing their degree and then continuing at Hunter to obtain a master’s degree and verification statement (students will be provisionally accepted into the program in their junior year but must maintain grade requirements to matriculate into the MS-DPD program). 

This accelerated pathway provides the opportunity for undergraduate students to remain at Hunter for their graduate coursework providing students the opportunity for academic acceleration to a graduate degree. 

Since the MS-Nutrition curriculum meets the didactic program in dietetics (DPD) requirements established by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education (CADE), the credentialing arm of the American Dietetic Association (ADA), it will qualify students from this BS/MS accelerated track to apply for Dietetic Internships and continue their professional preparation for the Registered Dietitian (RD) credential.

Administration and Faculty

Silberman Building
2180 Third Avenue
New York NY 10035

Office of the Dean 
Silberman Building (SB), Fifth Floor

  Ayman El-Mohandes, MBBCh, MD, MPH
  Dean CUNY School of Public Health
  Room 502 (212) 396-7729

  Zora Flores-Kitongo, MA
  Executive Assistant to the Dean

  Room 503, (212) 396-7730

  Jeanette Rodriguez, BS
  Confidential Executive Assistant to the Dean

  Joy Hampson, BA
  Administrative Specialist

  Associate Dean’s Office for Academic Affairs
  5th Floor, (212) 396 - 7719

  Nzinga Ajani
  CUNY Office Assistant

  5th Floor, (212) 396-7729

Business and Administrative Office
Silberman Building (SB), Fifth Floor

 Mike Dunham, MA
 Facilities Coordinator
 Room 501, (212) 396-7898

 Robyn Gertner, MA (Contact information forthcoming)
 Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator

 Jerome Richardson, MA
 Director of Business Services
 Room 505, (212) 396-7732

 Erica Sigmon, MA
 Grants Coordinator
 Room 507, (212) 396-7733

Chaquon Polanco, MA
Business Office Coordinator

Room 504, (212) 396-7731

Academic and Student Services
Silberman Building (SB), Third Floor

          Meg Krudysz, PhD
          Director of Student and Academic Services

          Room 309, (212) 396-7720

Diane Brows, BA
Academic Program Coordinator
Room 308
(212) 396-7721

Amina Alam, BA
Acting Recruiter & Administrative Coordinator

Room 301, 212-396-7778

          Attiqa Mirza,MPA
          Data, Student & Alumni Coordinator/Data Manager
          3rd Floor,  (212) 396-7734

Larisa Naftaliyev, BS
IT Specialist/Database Manager
3rd Floor, (212) 396-7631

Kim McFarlane, BBA
Administrative Specialist
Office of Assistant Dean of Students

Third floor Silberman, (212) 396-7722
kim. mcfarlane@sph.cuny.edu

Campus and Program Directors

          Barbara Berney, PhD
          Program Director, Public Health Policy and Management
          Room 522, (212) 396-7756

Elizabeth Glass Geltman, PhD,
Program Director, Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences

212-396-7762, Room 524

Martha Crum, PhD
Interim Program Director, Community Health Education

Room 538, (212) 396-7747

Ann Gaba, EdD
Program Director, Dietetic Internship

Room 611, (212) 396-7769

Meredith Manze
Undergraduate Program Director, Nutrition

Room 512 (212) 396-7736

Khursheed Navder, PhD
Program Director, Nutrition

Room 609, (212) 396-7772

Stacey Plichta, ScD, CPH
Campus Director, School of Urban Public Health

Room 520, (212) 396-7755

Lorna Thorpe, PhD
Program Director, Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Room 546, (212) 396-7746

Programs and Courses

Programs and Courses in Urban Public Health  


Faculty of the School of Urban Public Health  


 School of Urban Public Health