Jan 26, 2021  
Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 
Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty of Hunter College School of Urban Public Health

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Marilyn Iris Auerbach, Associate Professor; DrPH, Columbia; Women’s Issues, Chronic Illness, HIV/AIDS

Barbara Berney, Associate Professor; PhD, Boston University; School Related Health Issues, Working Conditions in Healthcare, Environmental Health and Environmental Health Policy

Jack Caravanos, Associate Professor; DrPH, Columbia; Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Assessments, Hazardous Wastes

Martha Crum, Visiting Assistant Professor; PhD, CUNY Graduate Center; Public opinion, Media, Health inequalities

Jessie Daniels, Professor; PhD, University of Texas at Austin; Internet and Media, Racial Inequality, LGBT Health, Adolescent Health

Jennifer Dowd, Associate Professor; PhD, Princeton University; Integrating Biomarking into Social Research, Health Disparities, Stress and Immune Function

Marianne Fahs, Professor; PhD, Michigan; Public Health Economics and Policy, Urban Aging

Nicholas Freudenberg, Distinguished Professor; DrPH, Columbia; Urban Public Health, HIV Prevention, Public Health Policy

Ann Gaba, Assistant Professor; EdD, Teachers College, Columbia; Movement Disorders, Cancer Prevention, and Needs Assessment for Nutrition Education

William Gallo, Professor; PhD, University of Connecticut; Health Economics, Health consequences of job loss, health economics, research design.

Elizabeth Glass Geltman, Associate Professor; LLM, Georgetown University; JD University of Baltimore; Environmental Law and Compliance, Brownfields and Urban Environmental Problems, Environmental Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing

David U. Himmelstein, Professor; MD, Columbia; Health Care Finance and Policy, Health Services Research, Health Care Inequality, Social Justice

Shiro Horiuchi, Associate Professor; PhD, John Hopkins; Longevity and Aging, Health Demography, Quantitative Methods of Data Analysis

Heidi E. Jones, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology; MPH, Hunter College, PhD, Columbia; Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, Infectious Diseases

Elizabeth Kelvin, Assistant Professor; PhD, Columbia; Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases including HIV, Environmental Causes of Disease and International Health

Susan Klitzman, Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; DrPH, Columbia; Environmental and Occupational Health and Disease Prevention, Public Health Education

May May Leung, Assistant Professor; PhD, RD, The University of North Carolina; Childhood Obesity, Health Communication, Translational Research

Meredith G. Manze; Assistant Professor; PhD, MPH, Boston University School of Public Health; Social inequities in health, sexual health, family planning care.

Frank Mirer, Professor; PhD, Harvard; Toxicology, Occupational Health and Safety, Risk Assessment, Regulatory Policy

Denis Nash, Professor; PhD, University of Maryland; Public Health Surveillance, Health Disparities, and HIV/AIDS

Khursheed Navder, Professor; PhD, Kansas; Lipid Metabolism, Alcohol Metabolism, Sensory Evaluation of Foods

Brian Pavilonis, Assistant Professor, PhD, University of Iowa. Exposure and risk assessment, indoor air quality, and childhood asthma.

Charles Platkin, Distinguished Lecturer; PhD, Florida International University; JD, Fordham University; Health Messaging and Behavior Change, Obesity in Adolescents and Adults

Stacey Plichta, Professor; ScD, CPH, Johns Hopkins; Health Services Research, Women’s Health, Elder Abuse, Healthcare Workforce, Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence

Lynn Roberts, Assistant Professor; PhD, Cornell; Adolescent Health, Violence and Prevention, Minority Health

Diana Romero, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia; Poverty and Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health; Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities, Reproductive Health Policy

Mary Schooling, Associate Professor; PhD, UC London; Epidemiology, Effects of social and historical forces over the life course on disease risk

Grace Sembajwe, Associate Professor, ScD, University of Massachusetts Lowell; Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology, Exposure Assessment, Multilevel Modeling, Physical Strain and Psychosocial Stress

Arlene Spark, Professor; EdD, Columbia; Pediatric Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Nutrition policy, pediatric nutrition, nutrition education, and eating disorders

Lorna Thorpe, Professor; Ph.D, University of Illinois at Chicago; Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Public Health Surveillance, Tuberculosis and Injury Epidemiology

Levi Waldron, Assistant Professor; PhD, University of Toronto; Bioinformatics, Genomics and Metagenomics, Predictive Modeling, Molecular Epidemiology of Cancer

Steffie Woolhandler, Professor; MD, LSU New Orleans, MPH U.C. Berkeley; Health Care Finance and Policy, Health Services Research, Health Care Inequality, Social Justice

Katarzyna Wyka, Assistant Professor; PhD, CUNY Graduate School and University Center; Statistical Methods and Study Designs for Mental Health Research, Latent Variable Models, Generalized Linear Mixed Models

Ming-Chin Yeh, Associate Professor; PhD, North Carolina; Public Health Nutrition, Nutrition Intervention and Policy, Nutritional Epidemiology

Christina Zarcadoolas, Associate Professor; PhD, Brown University; Linguistics and Theories of Discourse