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Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 
Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Health Professions Education Center (HPEC)

Director: Martin Dornbaum; Mezzanine floor, Brookdale West Building; (212) 481-5129,
Evening Supervisor: Marvin Sanon;

The center maintains regular office hours throughout the academic year, Monday-Thursday 9AM-9PM and Fridays 9AM-5PM.

The HPEC serves as a major learning center for the Hunter College Schools of the Health Professions including: The School of Nursing, School of Health Sciences, The Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, The Center for Community and Urban Health, and the Brookdale Center on Aging. The HPEC provides vital services to faculty and students by supporting teaching, learning, and research initiatives.

The HPEC is organized into six functional units:

The Learning Center – The HPEC meets the complex educational needs of students at different instructional levels and operates as a comprehensive learning center using audiovisual and computer materials as a primary teaching strategy. The center staff works with faculty on the integration of instructional technologies into the curriculums, on-line test development, the creation of learning resources, and meeting research objectives.

Electronic Resource Lab – The HPEC features hundreds of computer assisted instructional packages (CAIs), interactive video discs (IVDs), multimedia CD-ROMs and on-line learning packages. The center also provides students with a large selection of electronic resource materials for licensure preparation.

The Office of Research and Grant Support (ORGS) – The ORGS mission is to encourage, facilitate and support faculty as they pursue, conduct, and document research related to all health professions. The ORGS serves as a “catalyst for discovery” by creating and providing critical research technologies and shared resources for the Schools of Health Professions. The ORGS also appoints Student Fellows to work on special projects as funding permits.

The Media Library – The center maintains a valuable library of learning resources, housing the largest video collection of health-related titles in the City University. Students wishing to preview materials may do so in private screening rooms or at study carrels.

Evaluation and Review – Beta Testing The center serves as a beta test site for numerous film, video, and computer software developers, providing producers with critical feedback on program content and instructional design. Students may preview any materials under current review by the center’s staff.

Audio Visual Services – The HPEC provides AV and Smart Classroom support services to the Brookdale Campus. HPEC staff conducts the purchasing, maintenance, and training of all AV equipment. The center also provides media duplication services including high speed CD-ROM and inter-format video transfers.