Oct 20, 2021  
Graduate Catalog 2016-2017 
Graduate Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Silberman School of Social Work Faculty

Miriam Abramovitz, Bertha Capen Reynolds Professor; DSW, Columbia; Social Welfare Policy, Women’s Issues, Activism among Low Income Women

Robert Abramovitz, Distinguished Lecturer; MD, Wayne State, PhD, Yale; Child Trauma; Children’s Mental Health and Development

Samuel R. Aymer, Associate Professor; PhD, NYU; Clinical Practice; Family Violence and Urban Adolescent Males; Intimate Partner Abuse

Michelle Ballan, Associate Professor; PhD, U Texas at Austin; Disabilities, Sexuality, Clinical Practice

James A. Blackburn, Professor; PhD, Wisconsin-Madison; Gerontology; Human Development across the Life-Span; Organization Management

Katharine Bloeser, Assistant Professor; PhD; NYU; Veterans, Trauma, Clinical Practice

Martha Bragin, Associate Professor; PhD, NYU; Psychosocial Re-integration of Populations Affected by Armed Conflict; Disaster and Community Violence; International Social Work, Child Welfare

Stephen Burghardt, Professor; PhD, Michigan; Community Organizing; Community Building & Social Capital Formation; Anti-Oppressive and Restorative Social Work Practice; Models of Transformative Leadership; Child Welfare

Mary M. Cavanaugh, Associate Professor and Acting Dean ; PhD, Pennsylvania; Intimate Partner Violence; Prevention for Males at Risk for Violence; Mental Health

Patricia L. Dempsey, Associate Professor; DSW, International University for Graduate Studies; Child Welfare Policy, Practice and Program Development; Adolescent Sexuality; Clinical Practice with Urban Youth and Families

Diane DePanfilis, Professor; PhD U Maryland at Baltimore; Child Welfare, Implementation Science, Child Maltreatment Prevention, Intervention Research, Child Welfare: Foundations of Practice

Sarah-Jane (SJ) Dodd, Associate Professor; PhD, Southern California; Social Welfare Policy; Ethics; LGBT Issues

Ilze Earner, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia; Child Welfare, Immigrants, Cultural Competency

Michael Fabricant, Professor; PhD, Brandeis; Political Economy and Culture of Non-Profit Organizations; Homelessness; Community and Labor Organizing; Urban Public Organization 

Daniel S. Gardner, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia; Families and Older Adults; Practice and Policy in Health and Mental Health; Palliative and End-of-Life Care

Caroline Rosenthal Gelman, Associate Professor and Acting Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs; PhD, Smith; Latino Older Adults and Caregivers; Use of Technology in Pedagogy

Nancy Giunta, Associate Professor; PhD, UC Berkeley; Community Organization; Older Adults

Manny Gonzalez, Associate Professor; DSW, Adelphi; Clinical Practice; Children’s and Adult Mental Health; Psycho-Social Treatment of Urban Children and Adolescents; Health and Mental Health of Hispanics

Harriet Goodman, Associate Professor; DSW, CUNY; Social Group Work; Evidenced-Based Practice; Criminal Justice; Child Welfare; Teaching through Technology

Bernadette Hadden, Assistant Professor; PhD, Columbia; HIV/AIDS, Cognitive-Behavioral Skills-Building Group-Based HIV Prevention; Health and Mental Health; the Elderly

Colleen Henry, Assistant Professor; PhD, U California at Berkeley; Child Welfare Practice and Policy, Welfare State Theory, Social Welfare Policy

Dan Herman, Professor; PhD, Columbia; Mental Health Services Research; Intervention Research; Severe Mental Illness; Homelessness

Colleen Cary Katz, Assistant Professor; PhD, Chicago; Child and Adolescent Mental Health Interventions for traumatized young, Child Welfare, HBSE

Alexis Kuerbis, Assistant Professor;  PhD, NYU; Substance use disorders, substance abuse, alcoholism, co-occuring disorders, clinical practice

Paul A. Kurzman, Professor; PhD, NYU; Occupational Social Work Policy and Practice; Professional Ethics and Risk-Management; Licensure; Organizational Theory; Management and Administration

Marina Lalayants, Assistant Professor; PhD, CUNY; International Social Work and Social Policy; Organization Management and Leadership; Program Evaluation

Rufina Lee, Assistant Professor;  PhD, Columbia, Serious Mental Illness, Psychiatric Epidemiology, Research, Mental Health Policy, HBSE  

Michael A. Lewis, Associate Professor; PhD, CUNY; Social Policy; Quantitative Methods

James Mandiberg, Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Michigan, Organizational Psychology and Social Work, M.S.W., State University of New York at Stony Brook

Gary Mallon, Professor and Associate Dean; DSW, CUNY; Child Welfare Policy and Practice; Practice with LGBT Populations; Animal-Assisted Therapy

James M. Mandiberg, Associate Professor; DSW, Michigan, Leadership, Social Enterprise, Social Entrepreneurship, Community and Economic Development, OML

Terry Mizrahi, Professor; PhD, Virginia Commonwealth; Community Organizing and Development; Health Policy and Services; Collaborations and Coalition-Building

Carmen Morano, Professor; PhD, Florida International; Alzheimer’s Disease Caregivers; Aging in the Urban Environment; Social Work Interventions for Older Adults with Chronic Health Conditions

George Patterson, Associate Professor; PhD, SUNY-Buffalo; Police Social Work; Criminal Justice; Cognitive and Behavioral Coping Strategies

Ana Paulino, Associate Professor; EdD, Columbia; Clinical Practice; School-Based Social Work; Immigration; Children, Youth and Families; Childhood Developmental Disorders, e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorders

Juan B. Pena, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia; Global Health and Mental Health; Adolescent Health and Mental Health; Health and Mental Health of Immigrants; Suicide

Jonathan D. Prince, Associate Professor; PhD, UC Berkeley; Mental Health; Older Adults

Judith Rosenberger, Professor; PhD, Michigan; Development, Psychopathology, Psychodynamics; Brief Treatment

Andrea Savage, Associate Professor; PhD, Michigan; Human Service Organizations; Substance Abusing Women, Trauma and Co-Occurring Disorders

Tricia Stephens, Assistant Professor; PhD NYU; NYU, Trauma, Child Welfare, Cultural Competence, Clinical Practice, HBSE, Practice lab

Willie F. Tolliver, Associate Professor; DSW, CUNY; Human Diversity and Cultural Competence; Anti-Oppressive and Restorative Practice; Leadership Development; Spirituality

Deborah L. Tolman, Professor; EdD, Harvard; Adolescent Sexuality; Gender Development; Gender Equity; Research Methods 

Roderick J. Watts, Professor; PhD, Maryland; Sociopolitical development and activism, manhood development; Psychoeducational interventions; Social identity; Qualitative/action research methodology  


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