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Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 
Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Social Work

About the School

The Hunter College School of Social Work, founded in 1956, is the largest and oldest public graduate school of social work in New York City. The School’s mission is to promote excellence in social work practice by preparing knowledgeable, ethical, and highly competent social work leaders for a variety of professional roles and settings.  Our pedagogy, scholarship, and service reflect social work’s historic commitment to human rights, cultural complexity, and social and economic justice. Commensurate with the missions of our host institutions, the School promotes community-engaged and practice-based scholarship that pursues policy and practice solutions to real world problems, thereby reinforcing the strengths of people and the communities in which they live, in New York and other major urban areas.

The School of  Social Work is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

The Building and Its Uses

The Hunter College School of Social Work is currently located in its own building near the corner of East 79th Street and Lexington Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. This building was financed, originally constructed and subsequently expanded by the Lois and Samuel Silberman Fund. Over the years, the Fund has had an important impact on both social work education and social work practice. In addition, the Fund provided scholarship assistance for students.

In the fall of 2011, the School will move to a new state-of-the-art building, designed specifically to meet its needs, forty blocks north in East Harlem. In addition to resources in the School of Social Work building, there are extensive resources at the main campus of Hunter College (East 68th St. and Lexington Ave.), the Graduate Center and the other units of the City University of New York (CUNY).

Programs and Courses

Social Work Programs and Courses 

Administration and Faculty

Hunter College of Social Work
129 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10075

General Information: (212) 452-7000

Office of the Dean: (212) 452-7086

E-mail: ssw.office@hunter.cuny.edu

Website: www.hunter.cuny.edu/socwork/

Admissions Office: (212) 452-7005

E-mail: admissions.hcssw@hunter.cuny.edu

Jacqueline B. Mondros

Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs
Andrea M. Savage

Associate Dean for Research and Community Partnerships
Darrell P. Wheeler

Assistant to the Dean
Carmela Piazza

Director of Field Education (MSW)
Glynn Rudich

Director of Enrollment Management and Scholarship Coordinator (MSW)
Nireata Seals

Director of Student Affairs
Lauren Mazer

Doctoral Program Executive Officer
Michael Fabricant


Miriam Abramovitz, Bertha Capen Reynolds Professor; DSW, Columbia; Social Welfare Policy, Women’s Issues, Activism among Low Income Women

Robert Abramovitz, Distinguished Lecturer; MD, Wayne State, PhD, Yale; Child Trauma; Children’s Mental Health and Development

Samuel R. Aymer, Assistant Professor; PhD, NYU; Clinical Practice; Family Violence and Urban Adolescent Males; Intimate Partner Abuse

James A. Blackburn, Professor; PhD, Wisconsin-Madison; Gerontology; Human Development across the Life-Span; Organization Management

Martha Bragin, Associate Professor; PhD, NYU; Psychosocial Re-integration of Populations Affected by Armed Conflict; Disaster and Community Violence; International Social Work, Child Welfare

Stephen Burghardt, Professor; PhD, Michigan; Community Organizing; Community Building & Social Capital Formation; Anti-Oppressive and Restorative Social Work Practice; Models of Transformative Leadership; Child Welfare

Mary Cavaleri, Assistant Professor; PhD, NYU; Mental Health Services; Maternal Child Health

Mary Cavanaugh, Associate Professor; PhD, Pennsylvania; Intimate Partner Violence; Prevention for Males at Risk for Violence; Mental Health

Irene Chung, Associate Professor; PhD, NYU; Cross Cultural Clinical Practice; Mental Health; Asian Immigrant Mental Health

Neal Cohen, Distinguished Lecturer; MD, NYU; Public Mental Health

Elizabeth Ann Danto, Professor; PhD, NYU; Socio-Cultural History, Psychoanalysis; Post-Modern Approaches to Social Work

Anthony DeJesus, Assistant Professor; EdD, Harvard; Immigration, Dominican Families in the United States; School-Based Social Work; Childhood Development Disorders, e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorders

Patricia L. Dempsey, Associate Professor; DSW, International University for Graduate Studies; Child Welfare Policy, Practice and Program Development; Adolescent Sexuality; Clinical Practice with Urban Youth and Families

Sarah-Jane (SJ) Dodd, Associate Professor; PhD, Southern California; Social Welfare Policy; Ethics; LGBT Issues

Ilze Earner, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia; Child Welfare, Immigrants, Cultural Competency

Irwin Epstein, Helen Rehr Professor of Applied Research; PhD, Columbia; Practice-Research Integration; Clinical Data-Mining; Program Evaluation, Social Work Professionalization

Michael Fabricant, Professor; PhD, Brandeis; Political Economy and Culture of Non-Profit Organizations; Homelessness; Community and Labor Organizing; Urban Public Organization

Caroline Rosenthal Gelman, Associate Professor; PhD, Smith; Latino Older Adults and Caregivers; Use of Technology in Pedagogy

Nancy Giunta, Assistant Professor; PhD, UC Berkeley; Community Organization; Older Adults

Manny  Gonzalez, Associate Professor; DSW, Adelphi; Clinical Practice; Children’s and Adult Mental Health; Psycho-Social Treatment of Urban Children and Adolescents; Health and Mental Health of Hispanics

Harriet Goodman, Associate Professor; DSW, CUNY; Social Group Work; Evidenced-Based Practice; Criminal Justice; Child Welfare; Teaching through Technology

Bernadette Hadden, Assistant Professor; PhD, Columbia; HIV/AIDS, Cognitive-Behavioral Skills-Building Group-Based HIV Prevention; Health and Mental Health; the Elderly

Paul A. Kurzman, Professor; PhD, NYU; Occupational Social Work Policy and Practice; Professional Ethics and Risk-Management; Licensure; Organizational Theory; Management and Administration

Kenny Kwong, Assitant Professor; PhD, CUNY; Health Disparities; Culture, Immigration, Health and Mental Health Practices in the Asian American Community; Capacity Building, Asset-Mapping and Community Collaboration

Marina Lalayants, Assistant Professor; PhD, CUNY; International Social Work and Social Policy; Organization Management and Leadership; Program Evaluation

Michael A. Lewis, Associate Professor; PhD, CUNY; Social Policy; Quantitative Methods

Annette Mahoney, Assistant Professor; DSW, CUNY; Survivors of Trauma; Caribbean Immigrant Adolescents and Families; Incarcerated Women

Gary Mallon, Professor; DSW, CUNY; Child Welfare Policy and Practice; Practice with LGBT Populations; Animal-Assisted Therapy

Terry Mizrahi, Professor; PhD, Virginia Commonwealth; Community Organizing and Development; Health Policy and Services; Collaborations and Coalition-Building

Jacqueline B. Mondros, Professor and Dean; DSW, Pennsylvania; Urban Neighborhoods; Social Work Pedagogy, Social Work Leadership

Carmen Morano, Associate Professor; PhD, Florida International; Alzheimer’s Disease Caregivers; Aging in the Urban Environment; Social Work Interventions for Older Adults with Chronic Health Conditions

George Patterson, Associate Professor; PhD, SUNY-Buffalo; Police Social Work; Criminal Justice; Cognitive and Behavioral Coping Strategies

Ana Paulino, Associate Professor; EdD, Columbia; Clinical Practice; School-Based Social Work; Immigration; Children, Youth and Families; Childhood Developmental Disorders, e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorders

Jonathan D. Prince, Assistant Professor; PhD, UC Berkeley; Mental Health; Older Adults

Judith Rosenberger, Professor; PhD, Michigan; Development, Psychopathology, Psychodynamics; Brief Treatment

Anthony Sainz, Associate Professor; DSW, Columbia; Spirituality and Healing; Substance Abuse; Cross-Cultural Practice and Research

Andrea Savage, Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs; PhD, Michigan; Human Service Organizations; Substance Abusing Women, Trauma and Co-Occurring Disorders

Roger J. Sherwood, Associate Professor; DSW, Columbia; Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Veterans and PTSD; Addictions and Recovery

Dominique Moyse Steinberg, Assistant Professor; DSW, CUNY; Group Work Practice; Practice; Conflict Resolution;Mediation; Research

Willie F. Tolliver, Associate Professor; DSW, CUNY; Human Diversity and Cultural Competence; Anti-Oppressive and Restorative Practice; Leadership Development; Spirituality

Deborah Tolman, Professor; EdD, Harvard; Adolescent Sexuality; Gender Development; Gender Equity; Research Methods 

Roderick J. Watts, Professor PhD, Maryland; Sociopolitical development and activism, manhood development; psychoeducational interventions; social identity; qualitative/action research methodology    

Darrell P. Wheeler, Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Community Partnerships; PhD, Pittsburgh; Public Health Social Work; HIV/AIDS Prevention and Interventions with African American Men; Participatory Evaluation Methods


IMPORTANT: Please check the Hunter College School of Social Work website: www.hunter.cuny.edu/socwork and registration materials for up-to-date information on course offerings.