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Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

New York State Rule for Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses

The following applies to all students who enter Hunter College either as freshmen or transfer students as of fall 2016: To obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree, students must have a minimum of ninety (90) credits in courses that are classified as Liberal Arts & Sciences courses. For a Bachelor of Science degree, a minimum of sixty (60) credits must be earned in courses that are classified as Liberal Arts & Sciences. Credits taken at Hunter or credits transferred in are subject to this requirement, which is based on a New York State law. While most courses offered at Hunter will be Liberal Arts & Sciences courses, several academic programs offer a number of courses which do not count as Liberal Arts & Sciences. To make sure that your courses follow the New York State guidelines, you must see an adviser if you have many credits or are majoring in any one of the following programs.  This is especially important if you transfer courses in these fields to Hunter (their status may depend on the school where you took them):

Art & Art History (Studio Art)
Economics (Accounting)
Community Health
Computer Science
Film and Media Studies
Medical Laboratory Sciences

Students who entered Hunter College after 2009 are under the same requirements, but there is the possibility of a waiver; however this is not guaranteed. Please check with an adviser if you have many credits or are majoring or minoring in one of the above areas.  Below is a list of courses that are NOT counted as Liberal Arts & Sciences, organized by Department, School, or Program:

Art & Art History:
All ARTCR courses

Community Health:
COMHE 40800 Digital Media and Health  
COMHE 41200 Directed Fieldwork Practicum  
COMHE 400.xx

Economics (Accounting):
ACCP 36700 Analysis of Financial Statements  
ACCP 37100 Intermediate Accounting I  
ACCP 37200 Intermediate Accounting II  
ACCP 37300 Federal Income Taxation  
ACCP 37400 Managerial Accounting (Cost Accounting)  
ACCP 38000 Business Law II  
ACCP 47100 Advanced Accounting I  
ACCP 47200 Advanced Accounting II  
ACCP 47300 Business Taxes  
ACCP 47500 Auditing  
ACCP 47600 Computer Accounting Systems  
ACCP 48000 Business Law III  
ACCP 49000 Accounting & Auditing Research  

School of Education:

All courses in the School of Education are non Liberal Arts and Sciences, except:
QSTB 20280 Child Growth and Development  
QSTB 40380 Social Foundations of Urban Education  
QSTB 41380 Psychology of Teaching and Learning  
SEDC 21000 Building the Foundations of Literacy in Grades 7-12  
SEDF 20300 Social Foundations of Education, Grades 7-12 (W)  
SEDF 20400 Adolescent Development  
SEDF 20500 Educational Psychology: Applications in Grades 7-12  SEDF 20600 Assessment of the Teaching and Learning Process in Grades 7-12  
SEDF 20600 Assessment of the Teaching and Learning Process in Grades 7-12  
SPED 30800 Teaching Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Settings  

Film and Media Studies:

FILMP 25100 Film Production I  
FILMP 28600 Location Sound  
FILMP 31100 Directing Documentary Video Production  
FILPL 31600 Experimental Production  
FILMP 34100 Producing the Film  
FILMP 35200 Film Production II  
FILMP 37100 Screen Directing I  
FILMP 37200 Screen Directing II  
FILMP 38100 Techniques of Cinematography  
FILMP 38200 Narrative Editing  
FILMP 38300 Sound Design  
FILMP 38400 Film and Video Production  
FILMP 39900 Special Topics in Advanced Film Practice  
MEDP 29900 Special Topics in Media Production  

Medical Laboratory Sciences:

MLSP 30000 Fundamental Concepts and Techniques in the Medical Laboratory  
MLSP 34900 Hematology  
MLSP 35100 Clinical Microbiology I  
MLSP 35200 Clinical Microbiology II  
MLSP 35400 Clinical Biochemistry I: Biomolecules & Metabolism  
MLSP 35500 Clinical Biochemistry II: Genes to Proteins  
MLSP 36100 Computers and Data Processing in the Medical Laboratory  
MLSP 41000 Professional Practice Professional Practice  
MLSP 43000 Immunohematology  
MLSP 45700 Senior Seminar  
MLSP 40000 Topics in Biomedical Sciences  

School of Nursing:
All Nursing Courses.