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Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Foundational Courses


Foundational Courses must be completed before embarking upon the major. Students with appropriate background may be exempted from some or all Foundational Courses. See department for proper placement.

Hunter Core Requirement

Courses leading to (foundational) or within this major may fulfill parts of the Hunter Core Requirement (CUNY Common Core Requirement [CCCR], Hunter Focus, Concurrent Requirements). When selecting courses, it may be to a student’s advantage to choose courses that count toward the Hunter Core Requirement and also advance the student on the path to the major. Details on the Hunter Core Requirement can be found here: Hunter Core Requirement.


To enter the standard Mathematics Major, the student should have completed the Foundational Courses of one year of calculus (MATH 15000 (STEM) and MATH 15500 (STEM), or the equivalent). The major consists of at least 33 credits of coursework: 24 credits of core curriculum courses and at least 9 credits of advanced elective courses chosen by students according to their career plans.  Proficiency in symbolic computation is also required.

Major Core Curriculum (24 )

Elective Courses

The student must complete three 3-credit approved elective courses. The elective courses must be chosen from the 300-or 400-level courses in mathematics or statistics listed by the department. Factors affecting the choice of courses will include the student’s career goals (preparation for graduate study; education; careers in business, government service or industry), the student’s other major, where applicable, and the availability of courses due to the course rotation schedule. A 300-level course may be replaced by a graduate level course approved by a departmental advisor.

Symbolic Computation Proficiency Requirement

As a requirement for graduation with a BA in Mathematics, students must demonstrate entry level proficiency in symbolic computation. The requirement can be met in any of the following ways:

a) passing any of

b) passing a departmental exam in a computer algebra system (currently we use MATHEMATICA or the equivalent)

Graduate Requirements

Degree Requirements for the MA in Pure Mathematics

Thirty credits (10 courses) from courses chosen as follows:

1. Algebra Requirement

  • MATH 72100 - Modern Algebra I and at least one of MATH 72200 - Modern Algebra II or MATH 72500 - Advanced Linear Algebra

2. Analysis Requirement

  • MATH 74600 - Theory of Functions of a Real Variable I and at least one of MATH 74200 - Analytic Functions or MATH 74700 - Theory of Functions of a Real Variable II

3. Geometry and Topology Requirement

  • at least one of MATH 75100 - General Topology or MATH 75000 - Calculus on Manifolds

4. Elective Course Requirement (15 credits)

Fifteen credits (5 courses) from MATH 70000 and/or STAT 70000-level courses approved by the graduate mathematics adviser are required. The department’s course rotation schedule may make it necessary to substitute a limited number of courses at the MATH 60000 level with permission of the adviser.

5. Written comprehensive examination

Written comprehensive examinations are required in algebra and analysis (see 1 and 2 above) and in two additional areas to be chosen by the student with the adviser’s approval. The comprehensive examinations must be completed in the student’s final semester. Students who fail an examination may repeat the examination. If a student fails an examination twice, the department chair will appoint a committee to review the student’s case. The student may be allowed to repeat the examination for a final time or may be required to leave the program.

6. Reading knowledge

Students must exhibit a reading knowledge of French, German, Russian or another language with a sufficiently rich mathematical literature.