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Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 
Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science Faculty

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Debroy, Saptarshi, Assistant Professor; PhD, Central Florida; Cyber-security, big data networking, distributed and cloud computing, wireless networking.

Epstein, Susan L., Professor; PhD, Rutgers;  Problem solving, machine learning, cognitive modeling, knowledge representation, constraint satisfaction programming, bioinformatics.

Khatchadourian, Raffi, Assistant Professor;  PhD, Ohio State;  Software engineering and software security, formal methods, automated software evolution, static and dynamic program analysis.

Mneimneh, Saad, Assistant Professor;  PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology;  Fast network switches, optical routing, graph problems, and computational biology. 

Sakas, William G., Associate Professor and Chair;  PhD, CUNY Graduate Center;  Cognitive science, computational models of language acquisition, computational linguistics.

Schaffer, Cullen, Associate Professor;  PhD, Rutgers;  Computation-intensive approaches to data analysis.

Schweitzer, Eric, Lecturer; MA, SUNY at Stonybrook; Theory of computation, logics of knowledge and probabilistic reasoning.

Shankar, Subash, Associate Professor;  PhD, Minnesota;  Software engineering, formal methods, automated reasoning, system modeling, analysis and verification.

Stamos, Ioannis, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia;  Computer vision and computer graphics, range sensing, 3-D modeling; range segmentation, sensor fusion, range-range and range-image registration.

Weiss, Stewart N., Associate Professor;  PhD, NYU;  Software testing, analysis verification, reliability theory,  parallel architecture and computing.

Vazquez-Abad, Felisa, Professor; PhD, Brown;  Stochastic optimization, modeling and simulation of random processes, statistical estimation of sensitivity for discrete event systems, applied probability, applications of decision making.

Xie, Lei, Associate Professor; PhD, Rutgers; Computational techniques to study the structure, function, dynamic, and evolution of molecular interactions. Bridging the basic sciences with clinical research.

Xu, Jia, Assistant Professor; PhD, Technical University of Aachen (Germany); Computational linguistics, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, machine translation, machine learning.

Zamfirescu, Christina, Professor;  PhD, Technical University of Aachen (Germany);  Graph theory, algorithms on graphs, transformation networks, discrete mathematic, intersection digraphs, evaluating complexity in chemical topology using graph theory. 



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