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Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 
Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Department Faculty

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Tanya Agathocleous, Associate Professor;  PhD, Rutgers; 19th and 20th century British literature and Culture, Global Anglophone literature

Meena Alexander, Distinguished Professor; PhD, Nottingham; Creative Writing, Romantic Poetry, Post-colonial Literature

Cristina León Alfar, Professor; PhD, Washington; Shakespeare, Early Modern Drama, Critical Theory, Women’s Studies

Jeffrey Allred, Associate Professor; PhD,  Pennsylvania; American Literature, Modernism, American Studies, Visual Culture

Kevin Black, Associate Professor; PhD, California at Berkeley; Literature from the Restoration to the present; 19th century British and American Literature

Peter Carey, Distinguished Professor; Fiction Writing

Sarah Chinn,  Professor; PhD, Columbia; 19th-century American Literature, Disability Studies, LGBT Studies

Chong Chon-Smith, Associate Professor; PhD, California at San Diego; Asian American Studies, American Studies, Cultural Studies, Visual/Film Studies, Comparative Ethnic Studies

Rebecca Connor, Associate Professor; PhD, Stanford; 18th-century British Literature, Visual and Material Culture

Nijah Cunningham, Assistant Professor; PhD,  Columbia; 20th and 21st century African American literature and culture, Afro-Caribbean literature and culture.

Louise DeSalvo, Jenny Hunter Professor of Creative Writing; PhD, NYU; Modern British Fiction, Creative Writing, Biography and Memoir

Jeremy Glick, Associate Professor; PhD, Rutgers; Contemporary Drama, African Diaspora and Caribbean Literature

Karen Greenberg, Professor; PhD, NYU; Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Contemporary Rhetorical and Composition Theory, Multimedia

Lynne Ann Greenberg, Associate Professor; PhD, CUNY; Milton, 17th-century British Literature and Law

Wendy Hayden, Associate Professor, PhD, Maryland; Rhetoric and Composition, Women’s Studies

Marlene Villalobos Hennessy, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia; Chaucer, Old and Middle English Literature, Medieval Women, Medieval Manuscripts, History of the Book, Medieval Religious Culture

Gavin Hollis, Associate Professor; PhD, Michigan; Shakespeare, Early Modern Drama

Nico Israel, Associate Professor; PhD, Yale; 20th-century Literature, Literary Theory, Visual Culture

Leigh Ann Jones, Associate Professor; PhD, Arizona; Ancient and 20th century Rhetoric, Nationalism Studies, Gender Studies, Performance Studies, Composition Theory and Pedagogy

Richard Kaye, Associate Professor; PhD, Princeton; 19th-century British Literature, Queer Theory, History of the Novel

Donna Masini, Associate Professor; MA, NYU; Creative Writing, Contemporary Poetry

Mark Miller, Associate Professor; PhD, Pennsylvania; Early American Literature, Native American Literature, Critical Theory

Janet Neary, Associate Professor; PhD, California at Irvine; 19th century African American Literature and Visual Culture, Cultural Studies, Critical and Feminist Theory

Kate Parry, Professor; EdD, Columbia; Language and Culture, Literacy, History of English

Sonali Perera, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia; Post-Colonial Literature

Angela Reyes, Professor and Chair; PhD, Pennsylvania; Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Urban Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Linguistic Anthropology, Ethnography, Video, Asian American Studies, Education

Amy Moorman Robbins, Assistant Professor; PhD, California at Riverside, 20th century American Poetry and Literature, Feminist  Theory, Multicultural American Literature

Thomas Sleigh, Distinguished Professor; MA, Johns Hopkins; Creative Writing, Contemporary Poetry

Trudith Smoke, Professor; PhD, NYU; Rhetoric and Applied Linguistics, American Literature

Michael Thomas, Associate Professor; MFA Warren Wilson; Fiction Writing, Creative Non-fiction, 20th century Fiction

Neal Tolchin, Associate Professor; PhD, Rutgers; American Literature, Ethnic Literature

Sylvia Tomasch, Professor; PhD, CUNY; Chaucer, Medieval Literature, Rhetorical Cartography, Medieval Ethnic Studies

Alan Vardy, Associate Professor; PhD, Washington; Romanticism, Literary Theory

        Jason Wirtz, Assistant Professor; PhD, Michigan; Rhetoric and Composition, Creative Writing, English Education

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