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Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 
Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

History Faculty

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Richard Belsky, Associate Professor; PhD, Harvard; East Asian history, social and political history of Modern China

Manu Bhagavan, Professor; PhD, Texas at Austin; modern India, (post-)colonialism, human rights, (inter-)nationalism

Eduardo Contreras, Associate Professor; PhD, Chicago: Nineteenth and Twentieth-century US, US Latinos, labor, race and ethnicity

Donna T. Haverty-Stacke, Professor; PhD, Cornell; US labor and working class history, urban history, cultural History

D’Weston Haywood, Associate Professor; PhD, Northwestern; 20th Century Black protest and protest thought, Black masculinity, Black Power, and intersections of Black culture, Black politics, and Black public spheres

Benjamin Hett, Professor; PhD, Harvard; 20th Century Europe, Nazi Germany, the World Wars, espionage

Daniel Hurewitz, Associate Professor; PhD, UCLA; Twentieth century US History; Queer History; politics of sexuality 

Karen Kern, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia; history of the Middle East, comparative imperialism and nationalism

Elidor Mëhilli, Assistant Professor; PhD, Princeton; modern Eastern and Central Europe, modern Italy, Russia and Soviet Union

Mary Roldán, Dorothy Epstein Professor of Latin American History and Chair; PhD, Harvard; Colombia, violence, state formation, radio, transnational development/modernization, urban history

Jonathan Rosenberg, Associate Professor; PhD, Harvard; Twentieth-century US international history, music and world affairs, war and society, cultural diplomacy, civil rights history

Jill Rosenthal, Assistant Professor; PhD, Emory; History of Africa, History of the Great Lakes region of Africa, humanitarian and development aid, refugees, and migration

Laura Schor, Professor; PhD, Rochester; ; modern France, writing women’s biography, twentieth century Jerusalem

Iryna Vushko, Assistant Professor; PhD, Yale; Eastern and Central Europe, Russia


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