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Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 
Graduate Catalog 2018-2019

Silberman School of Social Work Faculty

Miriam Abramovitz, Bertha Capen Reynolds Professor; DSW, Columbia; History of U.S. welfare state; Impact of neoliberalism on the U.S. welfare state; Contemporary social welfare policy issues; Low income women’s activism; class, race, gender and social welfare policy

Samuel R. Aymer, Associate Professor; PhD, NYU; Intimate partner abuse; Trauma/community violence; Mental health/clinical practice; The application of psychodynamic theories in clinical practice with diverse client populations; Clinical practice with men and adolescent males

Darlyne Bailey, Moses Distinguished Visiting Professor (Jan. 2018-Dec. 2018); PhD, Case Western; Using individual, organizational, and community development approaches to bridge clinical/micro- and macro-level social work; Participatory action research as a method for building knowledge and system-wide change

Katharine Bloeser, Assistant Professor; PhD, NYU; Clinical Practice; Veterans; Trauma

Martha Bragin, Associate Professor; PhD, NYU; Psychosocial interventions that support resilience in communities affected by conflict, disaster, and adversity; Building locality-based social work capacity in countries in crisis; Participatory research methods; Developmentally and culturally informed interventions

Robyn Brown-Manning, Doctoral Lecturer; PhD, CUNY; Child welfare; Family and group social work; African American families and networks of care; African American mothers raising sons; Critical, multicultural social work

Adam Brown, Assistant Professor; PhD, Chicago; Sexual abuse prevention; The intersections of child welfare and juvenile justice; Assessment and treatment of problem sexual behaviors among youth and young adults; Clinical practice with youth and families

Stephen Burghardt, Professor; PhD, Michigan; Community organizing for the twenty-first century; Transformative models of agency leadership; Ending the macro-micro divide through mindful practice; Cultural competency and cultural humility; Child welfare, particularly improving frontline practice and issues of racial disparity/disproportionality

Mary M. Cavanaugh, Dean of the School, Associate Professor; PhD, Pennsylvania; Intimate partner violence; Prevention for males at risk for violence; Mental health

Patricia L. Dempsey, Associate Professor; DSW, International University for Graduate Studies; Child abuse and neglect treatment and prevention; Adolescent partner violence; Teen pregnancy and prevention; Clinical practice with urban youth and families; Adolescent sexuality

Diane DePanfilis, Professor; PhD, Maryland-Baltimore; Social work intervention research; Child maltreatment prevention; Implementation science; Child welfare policies, programs, and practice

Sarah Jane (S.J.) Dodd, Associate Professor; PhD, Southern California; Practice-based research and program evaluation; LGBT policy and practice issues; Social welfare policy; Social work ethics

Ilze Earner, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia; Child welfare; Social work with immigrant and refugee populations

Michael Fabricant, Professor; PhD, Brandeis; Housing and homelessness; Political economy and culture of non-profits; Juvenile delinquency; Urban public education; Community and labor organizing; Qualitative research 

Daniel S. Gardner, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia; Social gerontology; Palliative and end-of-life care; Psychosocial oncology; Family healthcare decision-making; Health and mental health policy

Caroline Rosenthal Gelman, Acting Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs, Associate Professor; PhD, Smith; Caregiving; Supportive intervention for caregivers; Social work practice with Latinos; Aging; Use of technology in social work pedagogy

Nancy Giunta, Associate Professor; PhD, Berkeley; Aging/gerontology – health and long-term care policy, home and community-based services, aging-friendly communities, and caregiver support; Macro social work practice – inter-agency collaboration, community organizing, and community-based participatory research

Harriet Goodman, Associate Professor; DSW, CUNY; Distance education; Child welfare; Pedagogy of research; Qualitative research methods; Evidence-based practice

Geetha Gopalan, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia; Child Welfare; Child and adolescent mental health services; Adolescent risk behavior; Implementation of evidence-based practices

Bernadette Hadden, Assistant Professor; PhD, Columbia; HIV and AIDS prevention interventions among persons of color; Program evaluation of non-profit organizations; Providing training to community-based organizations in HIV prevention

Colleen Henry, Assistant Professor; PhD, Berkeley; Child welfare practice and policy; Child well-being; Child exposure to domestic violence; Welfare state theory

Daniel Herman, Professor; PhD, Columbia; Mental health research; Intervention research; Severe mental illness and homelessness

Alexis Jemal, Assistant Professor; JD, Rutgers; PhD, Rutgers; Critical social work; Multi-level health, justice, and welfare interventions; Systemic inequity and internalized oppression; Critical consciousness and community organizing; Violence, HIV/STI risk, substance use, trauma, shame, and mass incarceration; Theory in social work research and practice

Colleen Katz, Assistant Professor; PhD, Columbia; Behavioral consequences of child maltreatment; Intergenerational transmission of violent behavior; Evidence-supported interventions for traumatized youth; foster care emancipation; Child welfare and the court system

Alexis Kuerbis, Associate Professor; PhD, NYU; Substance use and misuse; Brief interventions for problem drinkers; Mechanisms of behavior change within addictive behaviors; Substance use and aging; Substance use and LGBT populations; Working with populations mandated to treatment; Ecological momentary assessment

Paul A. Kurzman, Professor; PhD, NYU; Management of public and nonprofit organizations; Occupational social work policy and practice; Ethical and risk-management issues in professional practice; Employee assistance program effectiveness; Impact of licensing on social workers and social agencies

Marina Lalayants, Associate Professor; PhD, CUNY; Parent advocacy/peer support in child welfare; Parent engagement in child welfare; Multidisciplinary practices in child protection; Child welfare and child protection in developing countries

Rufina Lee, Assistant Professor; PhD, Columbia; Serious mental illness; Psychiatric epidemiology

Vicki Lens, Professor; JD, New York Law School; PhD, Yeshiva; Socio-legal studies; Social justice and fairness in the courts; Lived experiences of race, class, and gender in the legal system; Inequality and anti-oppression studies; Ethnographic and qualitative research methods

Michael A. Lewis, Professor; PhD, CUNY; Quantitative methods; Social policy; Civic engagement; The Universal Basic Income (BI) movement

Gerald P. Mallon, Associate Dean for Scholarship and Research, Julia Lathrop Professor of Child Welfare; DSW, CUNY; Child welfare; Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender children, youth, and family issues; Animal-assisted therapy

James Mandiberg, Associate Professor; PhD, Michigan; Leadership and management of mission-based and civil society organizations; Social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, and social innovation; Social sector planning and development; Community and economic development; Social movement studies

Terry Mizrahi, Professor; PhD, Virginia; Community organizing; Interdisciplinary collaboration and coalition building; Social work and health care policy; Social work and activism; Gender and feminist organizing; Physician socialization and career development

Anna Ortega-Williams, Assistant Professor; PhD, Fordham; Experiences and creative strategies of Black youth interrupting systemic violence and social inequities; Healing, post-traumatic growth, and recovery from historical trauma; Intersections of micro- and macro-level social work practice

George Patterson, Associate Professor; PhD, SUNY Buffalo; Police social work; Stress and coping among police officers and recruits; Criminal justice

Ana Paulino, Associate Professor; EdD, Columbia; Clinical practice; Research; Dominican families in the United States; School-based social work practice; Family development across the lifespan; Death and dying; Spirituality; Childhood developmental disorders

Jonathan D. Prince, Associate Professor; PhD, Berkeley; Mental health; Substance abuse

Maria Y. Rodriguez, Assistant Professor; PhD, University of Washington; Housing, particularly federal housing policy, affordable housing, homeownership, and Latino housing market participation; Demography; Social policy (macro and micro levels); Community organizing; Data science; Mixed research methods

Judith Rosenberger, Professor; PhD, Michigan; Clinical practice; Psychodynamic theories; Clinical practice with diverse populations; Co-occurring disorders

Andrea Savage, Associate Professor; PhD, Michigan; Program evaluation and practice-based research; Organizational management/management theory; Substance abuse treatment and organization; Service delivery to women with co-occurring disorders and trauma

Jama Shelton, Assistant Professor; PhD, CUNY; LGBTQ youth homelessness; Child welfare and juvenile justice; Inclusion, support, and affirmation of LGBTQ youth in youth-serving systems; Social policy (macro and micro levels); Qualitative and arts-based research methods

Tricia N. Stephens, Assistant Professor; PhD, NYU; Effects of historical and contemporary trauma on mental health functioning for people of the African Diaspora; Child welfare, particularly the intersection of parental trauma exposure and family stability

Willie F. Tolliver, Associate Professor; PhD, CUNY; Human Diversity and Cultural Competence; Anti-Oppressive and Restorative Practice; Leadership Development; Spirituality

Rong Zhao, Assistant Professor; PhD, Columbia; Human service workforce; Gender in relation to nonprofits; Volunteering; Service contracting


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