Apr 22, 2021  
Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 
Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


The auditorium at the Brookdale Center seats 848. It is used for meetings, lectures, concerts, and dramatic performances. Call Central Reservations for further information (212) 396-6902.

The Hunter College Assembly Hall seats 2,171 and is suitable for concerts, lectures, films, commencements, and a variety of programming. For information call (212) 396-6902.

The Kaye Playhouse seats 624 and has full stage facilities and an orchestra pit for theatrical and operatic productions, recitals, lectures, chamber music and dance performances. For information, call (212) 772-4471 or visit the website at http://kayeplayhouse.hunter.cuny.edu

The Ida K. Lang Recital Hall has 149 seats and is used for a variety of musical performances by Hunter students, faculty, and other artists. The hall is equipped with a multimedia projection system and surround sound. For further information, call (212) 772-4227.

The Frederick Loewe Theatre, a variable space which seats up to 100 people, is the production center for the Department of Theatre and for the Hunter Playwrights Project. For further information, contact the theatre department at (212) 772-5149.

The Harold Lewis Auditorium at the School of Social Work seats 157. It is suitable for lectures, meetings and a variety of events. For further information, call Central Reservations at (212) 396-6902..