Dec 04, 2021  
Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty of the School of Education

Curriculum and Teaching

Kathryn Ahmed, Assistant Professor; PhD, Univ. of Southern California; Urban Education Policy

Marcus Artigliere, Lecturer; MA, Hunter; TESOL

Laura Baecher, Associate Professor; EdD, Teachers College, Columbia; TESOL

Carmen Sherry Brown, Associate Professor; EdD, Buffalo; Early Childhood Education 

Nadine Bryce, Associate Professor; EdD, Teachers College, Columbia; Reading and Language Arts

Jenny Castillo, Associate Professor; PhD, CUNY; Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literature

Brian Collins, Associate Professor;  PhD, NYU; Bilingual Education

Stephen DeMeo, Professor; EdD, Teachers College, Columbia; Secondary Science Education

Anne M. Ediger, Professor; PhD, UCLA; Applied Linguistic

Terrie Epstein, Professor and Chair; EdD, Harvard; Education

Timothy Farnsworth, Associate Professor; PhD, UCLA; Applied Linguistics

Francis Gardella, Associate Professor; EdD, Rutgers; Mathematics Education

Marshall George, Olshan Professor of Clinical Practice; EdD, Univ. of Tennessee Knoxville; English Education and Educational Leadership

Robert Gyles, Professor; PhD, NYU; Mathematics Education/Curriculum and Instruction

Yang Hu, Associate Professor; EdD, Teachers College, Columbia; English Education

Marcia Knoll, Associate Professor; EdD, St. John’s; Curriculum and Teaching

Karen Koellner, Professor; PhD, Arizona State; Mathematics

Patricia Martin, Lecturer (Doctoral); PhD, CUNY; Clinical Psychology

Maria Mavrides, Lecturer; MS, Hunter College; Early Childhood Education

Janet Patti, Professor; EdD, Northern Arizona; Education

Lacey Peters, Assistant Professor; PhD, Arizona State; Early Childhood Education   

Anthony Picciano, Professor; PhD, Fordham Univ.; Educational Administration, Technology

Helen Panero, Associate Professor; PhD, NYU; English Education

Nicora Placa, Assistant Professor; PhD, NYU; Teaching and Learning

Jody Polleck, Associate Professor; PhD, NYU; English Education

Dennis Robbins, Associate Professor; EdD, Teachers College, Columbia; Science Education

Christine Rosalia, Associate Professor; PhD, Teachers College, Columbia; Educational Communications & Technology

Maria Teresa Sanchez, Assistant Professor; PhD, Boston College; Curriculum and Instruction

Melissa Schieble, Associate Professor; PhD, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; Curriculum/Instruction

Benjamin Shuldiner, Distinguished Lecturer; MSEd, Baruch College; Educational Leadership

Debbie Sonu, Associate Professor; EdD, Teacher’s College, Columbia; Curriculum and Teaching Urban-Multicultural Education

Christina Taharally, Associate Professor; EdD, Univ. of Massachusetts (Amherst); Early Childhood Education

Virginia Tong, Associate Professor; PhD, NYU; Bilingual Education

Jenny Tuten, Professor; PhD, Fordham; Language and Literacy Education

Jason Wirtz, Associate Professor; PhD, Michigan State; Rhetoric and Writing

Michael Zamansky, Distinguished Lecturer; MS, NYU; Computer Science

Educational Foundations and Counseling Programs

Markus Bidell, Associate Professor; PhD, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara; Clinical Counseling/School Psychology

Sarah Bonner, Associate Professor; PhD, Univ. of Arizona; Educational Psychology

Tamara Buckley, Associate Professor; PhD, Teachers College, Columbia; Counseling Psychology

Elizabeth Cardoso, Professor and Chair; PhD, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; Psychology

Peggy P. Chen, Associate Professor; PhD, CUNY; Educational Psychology

Yung-Chen Chiu, Assistant Professor; PhD, Penn State University; Counselor Education

Amanda Crowell, Lecturer (Doctoral); PhD, Teachers College; Cognitive Studies in Education

Alexander W. Fietzer, Assistant Professor; PhD, Fordham; Counseling Psychology

Sherryl Browne Graves, Professor and Acting Senior Associate Dean; PhD, Harvard; Clinical Psychology, Public Practice

Calliope Haritos, Associate Professor; PhD, CUNY; Developmental Psychology

John Keegan, Associate Professor; PhD, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; Rehabilitation Psychology

Mario A. Kelly, Associate Professor; EdD, Univ. of Rochester; Developmental/Educational Psychology

Michelle Lask, Distinguished Lecturer; EdM, Teachers College; Psychological Counseling

Gess LeBlanc, Associate Professor; PhD, CUNY; Developmental Psychology

Fredericka Liggins, Lecturer (Doctoral); EdD, National-Louis University; Adult Education

Michael Middleton, Professor and Dean; PhD, The University of Michigan; Education and Psychology

Veronica Muller, Assistant Professor; PhD, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; Rehabilitation Psychology

GoEun Na, Assistant Professor; PhD, University of Maryland at College Park; School Counseling

John Ranellucci, Assistant Professor; PhD, McGill University; Educational Psychology

Ruth Rose, Lecturer; MA, Southern Illinois; Linguistics/EFL

Alethea Taylor, Lecturer (Doctoral); PhD, Southern Illinois University; Rehabilitation

Jeanne Weiler, Associate Professor; PhD, SUNY (Stony Brook); Social Foundations of Education 

Special Education

Jamie Bleiweiss, Assistant Professor; PhD, SUNY (Stony Brook); Clinical Psychology

Loretta E. Brady, Assistant Professor; PhD, Teachers College; Intellectual Disability/Autism

Elissa Brown, Distinguished Lecturer, PhD, College of William and Mary; Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership

Kathryn Furlong-Silverio, Clinical Professor; MSEd, Hunter; Learning Disabilities

Elaine Gale, Assistant Professor; PhD, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder; Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Katherine Garnett, Professor; EdD, Columbia; Assessment and Curriculum Development–Learning Disabilities

Virginia Gryta, Lecturer; MSEd, Hunter; Childhood Special Education

Sarika Gupta, Assistant Professor; PhD, Univ. of Maryland at College Park; Special Education (Early Childhood)

Kristen Hodnett, Clinical Professor; MS, Hunter; Special Education

Imani Irving, Lecturer; MSEd, Brooklyn; Educational Leadership

Bonnie Keilty, Associate Professor; EdD, The George Washington University; Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education

April Kisamore, Associate Professor; PhD, Western New England University; Behavior Analysis

Elizabeth Klein, Clinical Professor; MS, Hunter; Special Education

Jennifer Klein, Lecturer; MA, Teachers College; Educational Psychology

William Longsworth, Clinical Professor; MS, Hunter; Special Education

Thomas C. McIntyre, Professor; PhD, Univ. of Connecticut; Emotional and Behavior Disorders

Gina Riley, Clinical Professor; PhD, Walden; Educating Young Adults

Jennifer Samson, Associate Professor and Chair; EdD, Harvard; Human Development and Psychology

Lauren Schnell, Assistant Professor; MA, Caldwell University; Applied Behavior Analysis; MEd, University of Massachusetts; Special Education

Catherine Voulgarides, Assistant Professor; PhD, NYU; Sociology of Education