Jan 16, 2021  
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 - Phase II 
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 - Phase II

BSW Faculty and BSW Committee

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Katharine Bloeser, Assistant Professor; PhD, NYU; Trauma, Veterans

Patricia L. Dempsey, Associate Professor; DSW, International University for Graduate Studies; Child Welfare Policy, Practice and Program Development; Adolescent Sexuality; Clinical Practice with Urban Youth and Families

Ilze Earner, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia; Child Welfare, Immigrants, Cultural Competency

Daniel Gardner, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia University School of Social Work; Social Gerontology, Palliative and end of life care, Health and Mental Health

Nancy Giunta, Associate Professor; PhD, MSW, University of California, Berkeley; Aging/Gerontology: Health and Long Term Care; Macro SW practice; Community-based participatory research

Bernadette Hadden, Assistant Professor; PhD, Columbia; HIV/AIDS, Cognitive-Behavioral Skills-Building Group-Based HIV Prevention; Health and Mental Health; the Elderly

Colleen Henry, Assistant Professor; PhD, University of California, Berkeley; Child Welfare, Child Exposure to Domestic Violence, Welfare State Policies

Marina Lalayants, Associate Professor; PhD, CUNY; International Social Work and Social Policy; Organization Management and Leadership; Program Evaluation

Robyn Brown-Manning, Doctoral Lecturer; PhD, CUNY; Child Welfare; Human Diversity and Cultural Competence; Leadership Development

Tricia Stephens, Assistant Professor; PhD, NYU; Child Welfare, Effects of Historical Trauma on Mental Health for People of the African Diaspora

Anna Ortega-Williams, Assistant Professor; PhD, Fordham; Black youth/historical trauma, Post-traumatic growth through Community Organization and Social Change.

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