Jan 22, 2022  
Graduate Catalog 2021-2022 
Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Programs of Study

Advanced Certificate

Master of Arts - MA / Advanced Certificate

Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts - BA/MA

Bachelor of Arts/Master of Science - BA/MS

Bachelor of Science/Master of Science - BS/MS

Doctor of Audiology - AuD

Doctor of Education - Ed.D.

Doctor of Nursing Practice - DNP

Doctor of Philosophy - PhD

Doctor of Physical Therapy - DPT

Master of Arts - MA

Master of Fine Arts - MFA

Master of Science - MS

Master of Science in Education - MSEd

Master of Science in Education/Master of Social Work - MSEd/MSW

Master of Social Work - MSW

Master of Urban Planning/Juris Doctorate - MUP/JD

Master of Urban Planning - MUP

Master of Science - MS / Advanced Certificate

Master of Science/Master of Science - MS/MS

Master of Social Work/Master of Divinity

Social Work Continuing Education and Licensure