Oct 25, 2021  
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 - Phase II 
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 - Phase II

Course Descriptions

Numbering System Each course in the curriculum is defined by an alphabetical prefix and a 3-digit number. The 3-digit number indicates the level of study: 100- and 200-level courses are lower division; 300- and 400-level courses are upper division; 500-, 600- and 700- level courses are graduate courses.

When a W is added to the end of the course number, this means that the course will satisfy the Writing Requirement. However, not all sections of courses with a W meet the writing requirement. Refer to the schedule of classes to see which sections of the course are designated as W.

000-level course designation Developmental courses for ESL students; placement determined by testing of entering students.

100-level course designation Courses with no prerequisites, survey courses or courses defining basic concepts and presenting the terminology of a discipline.

200-level course designation Courses of intermediate college-level difficulty, courses with 100-level course(s) as prerequisite(s) or survey courses devoted to particular areas or fields within a discipline.

300-level course designation Courses of advanced college-level difficulty taken by majors and upper-division students; these are often considered to be courses in the major, offered for students clearly interested in and qualified in the subject.

400-level course designation Advanced upper-division courses and/or seminars, tutorials and honors courses for majors and upperdivision students.

Alphabetical Prefixes The following prefixes are used, preceding the 3-digit number, to designate the field of study. They are listed here alphabetically, with the department or program and field to which they pertain. Specific departments and programs appear alphabetically in the table of contents, the index and the HEGIS Code  section. 



Note: Letters in parentheses after course names refer to content areas: (A) = Applications of Psychology; (B) = Biopsychology; (C) = Cognitive Processes; (D/S) = Developmental/Social.