Jan 28, 2022  
Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013 
Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013


Welcome to Hunter College’s Online Catalog

Hunter College, located in the Upper East Side neighborhood of New York City and easily reached by public transportation, now releases its undergraduate catalog annually online to permit changes in programs and courses to reach you more swiftly. The online catalog makes the information more accessible at the same time reducing our impact on the environment.

Hunter offers a myriad of academic offerings in our School of Arts and Sciences, School of Education, Hunter Bellevue School of Nursing, CUNY School of Public Health and School of Health Sciences. Our goal is to provide you, the student, with the most accurate and up-to-date information. The catalog should be used as a guide in planning your course of study in order to meet your degree requirements and graduate in a timely fashion. We hope you find this information useful and good luck at Hunter!