Nov 19, 2019  
Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017 
Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PSYCH 31500 - Adult Development (D/S)


Open to declared majors only. Theories and research concerning the personal and social development of men and women in adulthood; ongoing changes with age related to physical growth and decline, including marital, parental and interpersonal relationships, occupational roles, leisure activities, disability and approaching death.

PSYCH 24800 and 24900 or 25000, one semester of an acceptable science sequence, ENGL 12000 and declaration of a psychology major are the minimum prerequisite for all courses above PSYCH 25000. (Students falling under the previous curriculum need not fulfill the science prerequisite.)
prereq: ENGL 12000. PSYCH 15000 or 21000, PSYCH 24900 or 25000
3 hrs
3 cr.