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Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 
Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CEDC 72200 - Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction: Integrating Literature, the Arts, and Technology


Within the framework of New York State Standards, this course reflects concern for quality social studies teaching for all learners. Major attention is given to our common heritage of democracy and human rights; an appreciation of the diverse tapestry that characterizes us as a nation; the study of history within the social studies; the use of literature and the arts to illuminate and enrich understandings; the application of critical and analytical skills to interpret primary documents and data; the integration of technology to acquire, process, and organize knowledge.


prereq: CEDF 70900
coreq: CEDC 71500 and CEDC 73000
Hours 30 hrs,
Credits 2