Dec 12, 2019  
Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020

ANTHP 30600 - Human Anatomy

The goal of this course is to understand basic human anatomy: know all of the bones, muscles, major nerves and vessels in the human body, how they are organized, and how they function. Typically, there will be two class periods spent on a given topic: the first class meeting will be a lecture and the second class meeting on a given topic will provide a laboratory setting where students can handle and work with real osteological specimens and/or anatomical models. A given lecture will provide a synthesis of a particular anatomical region and the hands-on details of regional anatomy will then be learned in the associated laboratory session. To gain the most from each lecture and laboratory session, you must do the assigned readings and relevant exercises in the lab workbook beforehand. The laboratory workbook is a required acquisition. Any anatomy textbook will provide you with the necessary reading for lectures, and the purchase of an anatomy atlas is highly recommended as well. In order to do well in the course, additional study time with the anatomical models may be necessary. We will set up a system to encourage and facilitate study time outside of class.

prereq: ANTHP 10100 (Intro. to Physical Anthropology: Human Evolution) or
ANTHP 10200 (Intro. to Physical Anthropology: Human Variation) or
ANTHP 10500 (The Human Species) or BIOL102 (Principles of Biology 2) or
BIOL 12200 (Anatomy & Physiology 2).

3 hrs.
3 cr.