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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Education

About the School of Education

All students who take the education sequence at Hunter must major in a liberal arts or sciences subject. In other words, students who take any program in education do so in addition to fulfilling both the general education requirement and the requirements for a liberal arts or sciences major.

A student who completes an undergraduate education program approved by the New York State Education Department fulfills the academic requirements for New York State Initial Certification. (See section below on New York State certification for more information.)

The Office of Educational Services - Room 1000 West

This office provides support services to students enrolled in classes offered by the three teacher education departments of the School of Education. The areas of services provided include: coordination of admissions, advisement and registration; teacher certification; and various other student services such as permits, course equivalencies and leaves of absence. The Office of Educational Services maintains regular office hours, staying open until 6 PM Monday through Thursday and to 4 PM on Fridays to provide advisement for working and evening session students. Student teaching and field placement applications and information are available on the School of Education web site  http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/education.

New York State Certification

The undergraduate sequences in education described below have been approved by the New York State Education Department to lead to initial certification for teaching in New York State. To earn this certificate the student must successfully complete the approved program of study, obtain the BA or BA/MA degree, submit fingerprints for clearance and pass the required New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) including the LAST, ATS-W and CST. The Office of Educational Services recommends the certification applications of students who complete an approved program for certification. The initial certificate permits the holder to teach for five years. At the end of that time with three years of full-time teaching in the certificate title and a master’s degree, the individual will be able to obtain professional certification. New York State certification is reciprocally accepted by many other states upon application. Students with questions about certification should consult the School of Education website http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/education.

Admission to Teacher Education Programs

Students must apply for admission to the School of Education. Applicants for adolescent education programs must demonstrate satisfactory performance in courses in the major. Undergraduate teacher education programs require a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8. Students are advised to submit their completed application for admission in April for the fall semester and November for the spring semester. Applicants must attach a student copy of transcripts of previous college study to their application. Applicants must demonstrate satisfactory performance in a group interview and an on-site writing sample. No courses with credit/noncredit grades are accepted.

Nondegree and Second-Degree Students

The School of Education does not accept nondegree or second-degree students.

Hunter College Campus Schools

The Campus Schools are located at Park Avenue and 94th Street in Manhattan. They serve as a laboratory for observation, demonstration, research, curriculum design and other projects involving their students, all of whom score in the range of the gifted on intelligence and achievement tests. Students are admitted to the publicly supported schools on the basis of competitive testing. Efforts continue to identify gifted children from diverse backgrounds who meet the schools’ rigorous standards for admission to kindergarten and grade 7 (the two levels at which students are admitted).

Hunter College Elementary School

Children must be five years of age to attend the kindergarten. Only Manhattan residents are eligible to apply. The age of an applicant is calculated according to the academic year. While some students continue on to the high school from the elementary school, high-achieving students from the five boroughs are invited to take a competitive examination in order to enter Hunter High School at the 7th grade.

Hunter College High School

The Hunter College High School is a six-year junior-senior high school. The academic program stresses both acceleration and enrichment and provides students with a rigorous education. Research focuses on the development of curriculum, teaching strategies and other educational practices that maintain and advance a “state of the art” approach to the education of intellectually gifted students.

Manhattan/Hunter College Science High School

The Manhattan/Hunter Science High School, located on Amsterdam Avenue at 66th Street, provides instruction for grades 9 through 12. This science high school is grounded in the belief that individuals are better prepared to face life’s challenges when given the proper tools. Science offers the lens through which we may see, explore and meet the future. The New York City Department of Education and Hunter College have joined to create a school that provides an enriched, comprehensive college preparatory curriculum with a focus on science and the integration of science and the scientific method into all subject areas.

Programs, Progress Standards, and Courses in Education

Programs, Progress Standards, and Courses in Education 

Administration and Faculty



1000 Hunter West
(212) 772-4624
Web site: http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/education


David M. Steiner
(212) 772-4622

Associate Dean:

Carla Asher
(212) 772-4622

Acting Senior Associate Dean:

Sherryl Graves
(212) 650-3375

Office of Educational Services:

1000 Hunter West
(212) 772-4624

Coordinator, Adolescent Education:

Jeanne Weiler
(212) 650-3459

Coordinator Childhood Education:

Jason Riffaterre
(212) 772-4638

Directors of Clinical Experiences:

Adolescent Education and TESOL:

Kenney Robinson
(212) 772-4038

Early Childhood and Childhood Education:

Ileana Infante
(212) 772-4667 


Faculty of the School of Education 


Curriculum and Teaching


1023 West
(212) 772-4686


Jenny Tuten

Educational Foundations and Counseling Programs


1016 West
(212) 772-4710


Gess LeBlanc

Special Education


909 West
(212) 772-4701


David Connor