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Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 
Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Special Education

About the Department

Hunter’s graduate programs in special education prepare teachers to provide specially designed instruction for students with disabilities and to work across a variety of educational settings, including: special schools, special classes, resource rooms, pre-schools, early intervention programs, supported general education classrooms in public and private schools, hospitals, clinics, health agencies, home programs, and residential facilities. Special education programs at Hunter College have been nationally recognized by the Council for Exceptional Children.

The School of Education offers master’s degree and advanced certificate programs in special education that lead to New York State teacher certification.  Specializations in special education include: early childhood special education; early childhood special education with an annotation in severe/multiple disabilities (including deafblindness); childhood special education, learning disabilities; childhood special education, behavior disorders; childhood special education with an annotation in severe/multiple disabilities (including deafblindness); deaf and hard-of-hearing; blind and visually impaired; and adolescent special education generalist.

The programs (with the exception of early childhood special education) are organized into a set of cross-categorical core courses and disability-specific specializations. Core courses develop knowledge and skills across a variety of disabilities to be applied across a range of education settings.  Specializations provide in-depth preparation for working with students within a particular disability area. Both core and specialization courses provide historical, theoretical, and clinical perspectives, as well as current research and direct experiences with students of different ages and profiles. A hallmark of Hunter’s programs is their linking of theory to effective instruction.


Acting Chairperson:

Professor David Connor
909 West
(212) 772-4746

Administrative Assistant:

Cathy Maguire

Assistant to the Department Chair:

Chris Leung