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Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 
Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Educational Foundations

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About the Department

The Department of Educational Foundations & Counseling Programs prepares students to enter the teaching and counseling professions, eventually to obtain the appropriate certification(s), which will help them establish, improve and maintain themselves within these professions.

Departmental courses are the basis of training in education and human services. The Department of Educational Foundations includes the disciplines of psychology, sociology, anthropology, history and philosophy. Research in these areas, when applied to education and counseling, provides the foundation for understanding individuals in the learning and counseling process and the social psychological context in which personal development and learning occur. In addition, the study of the history and the philosophic foundations of American education and counseling is essential for enabling future teachers and counselors to meet the ever-changing intellectual and social needs of a diverse body of individuals in a pluralistic, democratic society.

Departmental course offerings are offered in three distinct areas: psychological foundations; social foundations and counseling. All courses are anchored in theory and research-based knowledge from which we emphasize applications to the urban environment, the applied use of theory to influence policy and practice, and solutions to concrete and practical problems that school and counseling professionals experience in daily practice.

The department’s preparation of teachers and counselors goes beyond the acquisition of specific skills and methods. The focus of the department is on the professional identity and development of students so that they understand and seek to influence the social, political and economic context in which they function.


Acting Chairperson:

Professor Gess LeBlanc
1016 West
Telephone: (212) 772-4710

Administrative Assistant:

Raie Valdez

PT Secretary: 

Amauche Obu-Eyisi


Markus Bidell, Associate Professor; PhD, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara; Clinical Counseling/School Psychology

Sarah Bonner, Associate Professor; PhD, Univ. of Arizona; Educational Psychology

Tamara Buckley, Associate Professor;
PhD, Teachers College, Columbia; Counseling Psychology

Elizabeth Cardoso, Professor;
PhD, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; Psychology

Peggy Pei-I Chen, Associate Professor;
PhD, CUNY; Educational Psychology
Henry L. Evans, Lecturer;
MFA, Columbia; Writing

Sherryl Browne Graves, Professor and Acting Dean;
PhD, Harvard; Clinical Psychology, Public Practice

Priscilla Hambrick-Dixon, Associate Professor;
PhD, Univ. of Michigan; Education, Psychology

Calliope Haritos, Associate Professor;
PhD, CUNY; Developmental Psychology

Mario A. Kelly, Associate Professor;
EdD, Univ. of Rochester; Developmental/Educational Psychology

Kimberly Kinsler, Professor;
PhD, CUNY; Educational Psychology

Gess LeBlanc, Associate Professor and Acting Chair;
PhD, CUNY; Developmental Psychology

John O’Neill, Professor;
PhD, Syracuse; Rehabilitation Research

Ruth Rose, Lecturer;
MA, Southern Illinois; Linguistics/EFL

Cynthia Walley, Assistant Professor;
PhD, Old Dominion; Counseling

Jeanne Weiler, Associate Professor; PhD, SUNY (Stony Brook); Social Foundations of Education 

Arnold Wolf, Professor; PhD, NYU; Philosophy


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