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Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 
Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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About the Department 

The department offers two graduate level programs in history. The first is a master’s degree through a joint program with the School of Education.  This degree prepares students for New York State certification, which will enable them to teach social studies at the adolescent level (grades 7 – 12). The second leads to an MA in History with a concentration selected by the student in consultation with the faculty.  This degree serves as either a terminal degree or as preparation for historical study on the doctoral level, which students can undertake at other institutions. 

Programs and Courses

Programs and Courses in History 

Program for Teachers of Adolescent Education (Grades 7-12) — Social Studies Master of Arts

See the School of Education  section of this catalog for additional information on admission and program requirements.

Administration and Faculty

Department Office:

1512 West
(212) 772-5480
email: history@hunter.cuny.edu
Website: http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/history


Richard Belsky
1512 West 
(212) 772-5493

Graduate Adviser:

Jonathan Rosenberg
1519 West
(212) 772-5546

Education Adviser Social Studies

Terrie Epstein
1108 West
(212) 772-4675


Angelo Angelis, Assistant Professor; PhD, CUNY; American colonial history, US Constitution

Richard Belsky, Associate Professor and Chair; PhD, Harvard; East Asian history, social and political history of Modern China

Manu Bhagavan, Associate Professor; PhD, Texas at Austin; modern South Asia, comparative colonialism and nationalism  

Eduardo Contreras, Assistant Professor; PhD, Chicago: Twentieth-century US, US Latinos, urban politics, race and ethnicity, feminist/queer communities, liberalism and conservatism.

Devin Fergus, Assistant Professor; PhD Columbia: Twentieth-century US with emphasis on politics and society, race

Donna T. Haverty-Stacke, Associate Professor; PhD, Cornell; US labor history, urban history, cultural history

Thomas Head, Professor; PhD, Harvard; medieval history, history of pre-modern Christianity

Benjamin Hett, Associate Professor; PhD, Harvard; German history, US legal history

Daniel Hurewitz, Assistant Professor; PhD, California at Los Angeles; Twentieth century US History; Queer History; politics of sexuality  

Karen Kern, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia; history of the Middle East, comparative imperialism and nationalism

Michael M. Luther, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia; European history, history of Russia and Soviet Union, international relations, Soviet foreign policy, Russian intellectual history

Daniel Margocsy, Assistant Professor, PhD, Harvard: the scientific revolution, the Dutch Golden Age, material and visual culture

Bernadette McCauley, Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia; Twentieth-century US, immigration, ethnicity, health care, American Catholicism, history of medicine

Marta Petrusewicz, Professor; Laurea (dottorato), University of Bologna; modern European history, European economic history

Mary Roldán, Dorothy Epstein Professor of Latin American History; PhD, Harvard; history of Latin America, history of Colombia

Jonathan Rosenberg, Associate Professor; PhD, Harvard; Twentieth-century US international history, civil rights

Robert M. Seltzer, Professor; PhD, Columbia; Jewish history, historiography, intellectual history

Laura Schor, Professor; PhD, Rochester; modern France, modern European Jewish History, European women’s history

J. Michael Turner, Associate Professor; PhD, Boston; Nineteenth and Twentieth-century Latin American history, African history

Barbara Welter, Professor; PhD, Wisconsin; US History to Twentieth-century, American women, American religion


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