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Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 
Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics and Statistics

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About the Department 

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a choice of master’s programs. The MA in Pure Math is a 30-credit degree. The course work largely mirrors the first two years of a doctoral program in Mathematics. Achievement of the degree includes a comprehensive examination. In addition students must show reading competency in a foreign language. 

The MA Program in Statistics and Applied Mathematics is intended for students interested in applications to business, science, engineering, industry, biology, and medicine, as well as teaching and research. This is a 30-credit degree. There are three tracks. 

Statistics is Track I, Applied Mathematics is Track II, and Bioinformatics is Track III. Achievement of the degree requires a final project as well as working knowledge of two computer languages.  The final projects provide the student with the opportunity to investigate a problem whose outcome is not previously known. Our faculty mentor the projects.

The department also has combined BA/MA programs in Mathematics or Statistics and Applied Mathematics. In addition, the department offers, jointly with the School of Education, an MA in Adolescent Mathematics Education Grades 7-12, and a combined BA/MA in Adolescent Mathematics Education. The MA in Mathematics Education is designed for individuals without provisional certification in mathematics. Individuals who already have provisional certification in mathematics should pursue either the MA in pure mathematics or the MA in statistics and applied mathematics or the new Professional Certification Master’s Program.

Programs and Courses in Mathematics and Statistics

Programs and Courses in Mathematics and Statistics 

Program for Teachers of Adolescent Education (Grades 7-12) – Mathematics MA

See the School of Education  section of this catalog for additional information on admission and program requirements.

Administration and Faculty

Department Office:

919 East
(212) 772-5300
Website: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu


Robert Thompson
919 East 
(212) 772-5300

Graduate Advisers:

John Loustau, Mathematics
913 East
(212) 772-4600

Edward Binkowski, Statistics
942 East
(212) 772-4715

Patrick Burke, Mathematics Education
927 East
(212) 396-6043



Alberto Baider, Professor; PhD, MIT; Differential Algebra, Dynamical Systems 

Ara Basmajian, Professor; PhD, SUNY Stony Brook; Hyperbolic  Geometry, Discrete Groups

Martin Bendersky, Professor; PhD, California (Berkeley); Algebraic Topology

Edward S. Binkowski, Associate Professor; PhD, Princeton; Data Analysis

Patrick Burke, Lecturer; PhD, Columbia; Mathematics Education

Barry M. Cherkas, Professor; PhD, Georgetown; Partial Differential Equations,  Collegiate Mathematics Education

Daniel S. Chess, Associate Professor; PhD, Princeton; Structure Theorems for  Diffeomorphisms

Richard C. Churchill, Professor; PhD, Wisconsin; Differential Algebra, Dynamical Systems

Sandra P. Clarkson, Professor; EdD, Georgia; Mathematics and Statistics Education

Lucille Croom, Professor; PhD, Columbia; Mathematics Education

Dana Draghicescu, Associate Professor; PhD, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland; Non-stationary Processes, Quantile Inference 

Scott Gentile, Lecturer; MA, Boston College; Mathematics Education

Thomas F. Jambois, Associate Professor; PhD, California (Berkeley); Riemann Surfaces,  Algebraic Geometry

John Loustau, Professor; PhD, California (Santa Barbara); Non-associative Algebras,  Computer Graphics  

Ron Neath, Assistant Professor; PhD, Minnesota; Markov chain Monte Carlo, Bayesian statistical methods

Ada Peluso, Professor; PhD, NYU; Combinatorial Group Theory 

Clayton Petsche, Assistant Professor; PhD, University of Texas at Austin; Theory of Numbers 

Roger S. Pinkham, Visiting Professor; PhD, Harvard; Statistics, Probability, Numerical analysis, Analysis

Joseph Roitberg, Professor; PhD, NYU; Algebraic Topology 

Michael Samra, Lecturer; M.Phil., CUNY; Mathematics

Verna Segarra, Lecturer; MA, City College; Mathematics Education

Brian Shay, Associate Professor; PhD, CUNY; Algebraic Topology, Reasoning Under  Uncertainty (AI), Mathematics of Financial Economics

Lev Shneerson, Professor; PhD, Ural State University; Combinatorial Semigroup Theory

Robert D. Thompson, Professor and Chair; PhD, Washington; Algebraic Topology

William H. Williams, Professor; PhD, Iowa State; Sampling Theory, Time Series,  Econometrics


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