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Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Classical and Oriental Studies

About the Department

The Department of Classical and Oriental Studies offers Programs in: Arabic, Chinese Language and Literature, Classics, Hebrew, Japanese, and Russian and Slavic Studies.

Department Chair

Robert Koehl
1442 West
(212) 772-5181

Arabic Language, Literature, and Culture

A Program in the Department of Classical and Oriental Studies

Here at Hunter we teach Arabic as the living language used on a daily basis by more than two hundred million people, from Morocco in the west of the Arab world to Oman in the east. We focus on both formal — usually referred to as Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or Fusha — and informal Arabic. We do this via a communicative approach. In other words, instead of focusing on the translation of written texts, as Arabic has traditionally been taught, we teach our students how to read, speak, write and aurally comprehend the different registers of the language. We offer a 6-course sequence of language courses and a growing number of culture courses taught in English. Four semesters of Arabic or the equivalent fulfills the language requirement of Hunter. We also offer two minors: Arabic and Arabic Studies. http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/classics/arabic/arabic-minors

Programs and Courses

Arabic Programs and Courses  

Faculty and Administration

Program Head: Christopher Stone email: cst@hunter.cuny.edu
Program Office: 1303 Hunter West (212) 650-3138
Web site: http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/classics/arabic/

Chinese Language and Literature

A Program in the Department of Classical and Oriental Studies
The Chinese Division of the Department of Classical and Oriental Studies offers language courses in Modern Chinese (Mandarin) and Classical Chinese as well as courses taught in English on traditional and modern Chinese literature and culture. The program, which offers a major and minor, focuses on language acquisition and literacy development to help students attain professional language proficiency. It also introduces students to the civilization of China. Students are encouraged to take interdisciplinary courses in Chinese art, economics, history, political science and religion to develop a deeper understanding of past and present China. The program prepares students for further studies in graduate school and professional careers in international trade, education, government service, diplomacy, private business, journalism and related fields. 

Programs and Courses

Chinese Language and Literature BA   

 Faculty and Administration

Program Head: Der-Lin Chao (212) 772-4965 email: dchao@hunter.cuny.edu
Program website: http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/classics/chinese/
Hegis Code: 1107


A Program in the Department of Classical and Oriental Studies

The civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome have had a profound influence on the development of our own culture. The various expressions of human experience that are revealed through our literature and art, in our political and social institutions, and even in our language, all show the impact of the legacy of the classical world.

The Classics program in the Department of Classical and Oriental Studies offers a full range of studies in the worlds of ancient Greece, Rome, and the Mediterranean, from a single course in myth or etymology to majors in Greek, Latin, Classical Archaeology, or Classical Studies. Students who want to know about the classical world without learning its languages can choose from a variety of courses in civilization, literature in translation, myth and religion, and archaeology. In addition, the division participates in Hunter’s interdepartmental programs in religion, comparative literature, archaeology, and women and gender studies.

Careers in research, government and education use skills developed in classical studies, and a major in classics provides an excellent foundation for many professional programs such as law. In addition, specialized careers—such as college and high school teaching, museum work, and archival research—are open to professional classicists and archaeologists.

Programs and Courses

Faculty and Administration

Program Head: Ronnie Ancona; email: rancona@hunter.cuny.edu
Program Office: 1403 West (212) 772-4960
Program website: http://www.hunter.edu/classics
HEGIS Codes: 1110 (Greek); 1109 (Latin); 1504 (Latin and Greek); 1504 (Classical Studies);
2203 (Archaeology)


A Program in the Department of Classical and Oriental Studies

The Hebrew Program in the Department of Classical and Oriental Studies offers a program of Hebrew language,literature and culture spanning the ancient through the modern periods. This program is designed to develop language skills, cultivate a critical appreciation of Hebraic and Judaic literature and thought and promote an understanding of Jewish cultural tradition against the background of world civilization. These courses may be applied to satisfy foreign language and other components of the General Education Requirement as well as to fulfill major and minor concentrations.

This curriculum also meets the special needs of students majoring in other disciplines for courses dealing with the Hebraic or Judaic ele­ments and influences on European culture. The wide variety of course offerings, covering the entire range of Hebraic and Judaic culture from early Biblical times to modern Israel, enables students to concentrate their attention on one major period, to aim for an overall proficiency or to strive for both objectives simultaneously.

Programs and Courses

Hebrew - BA  

Faculty and Administration

Program Head: Yitzhak Berger
Program Office: 1329 Hunter West; (212) 772-5107
Program website: http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/classics/hebrew
HEGIS Code: 1111

Japanese Language and Culture

Faculty and Administration

Program Head: Sue Kawashima; e-mail skawashi@hunter.cuny.edu
Program Office: 1431 Hunter West
HEGIS Code: 1111

Japanese is one of the languages that can be used to meet the Foreign Language requirement of the GER. The Japanese culture courses offered meet PD/A. The Japanese Division offers a minor in Japanese Language and a minor in Japanese Culture and History.

Japanese Language/Culture Courses  

Russian and Slavic Studies

A Program in the Department of Classical and Oriental Studies

The Russian and Slavic Studies Program in the Department of Classical and Oriental Studies offers a rich curriculum designed for students who seek competence in spoken and written Russian and a solid background in and knowledge of Russian literature and culture. The Program also offers courses in two related Slavic languages, Polish and Ukrainian.

Courses in the Program are recommended to students from other disciplines who want to master the Russian language as a research tool or who seek to learn about Russian literature in translation. The important contributions being made by Russian scholars in chemistry, biology, mathematics and other related fields make the study of Russian especially valuable to science majors.

Russian majors find employment in U.S. governmental agencies, the United Nations, broadcasting, banking, international commerce, education, library services and other fields.

Programs and Courses

Russian - BA  

Faculty and Administration

Division Head: Nadya Peterson  email:npeterso@hunter.cuny.edu
Division Office: 1330 Hunter West; (212) 772-5060/5059
Program website: http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/classics/russian/
HEGIS Code: 1106

 Faculty for All Programs in Classical and Oriental Studies

Classical and Oriental Studies Faculty