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Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics and Statistics

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About the Department

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers majors in mathematics and statistics that prepare students for careers in business, government, research, and teaching. Students considering such majors should consult an adviser during their first or second semester to plan the proper sequence of courses and should continue to consult the adviser at least once each semester. Minors in mathematics and statistics are also offered.

Credit and Course Exemption The department offers credit or course exemption based on standard examinations such as AP. Inquiries should be made at the department office.

Mathematics Proficiency and Placement

All students entering Hunter College must demonstrate proficiency in the basic skills through their scores on the mathematics assessment exam. Exemptions are given for SATs, ACT, NY Regents, and for certain other entrance categories.  The placement exam further assesses a student’s preparedness for certain courses in mathematics, statistics, and other disciplines at the college. Students may enroll in these courses only if their scores on the placement exam are at appropriate levels or if they have taken college courses in the required mathematics. Students who need to place into courses by examination and have not taken the placement exam are advised to schedule the test with the Testing Center, Room 150 Hunter North, 212-772-4868, http://hunter.cuny.edu/testingcenter, well in advance of registration.  Students should notice the mathematics and statistics prerequisites that are indicated in the descriptions of courses and majors so they can effectively plan their studies.

Programs and Courses

In planning their schedules, prospective majors should note that some advanced required courses are offered only once each year and several advanced elective courses are offered only once every other year. A rotation schedule for course offerings is available in the departmental office and on the departmental web site http://math.hunter.cuny.edu.

Prerequisites: Because of the nature of mathematics, the department recommends that students refrain from enrolling in any course that carries prerequisites unless these prerequisites have been completed with a grade of C or better.

Programs and Courses in Mathematics & Statistics  
Minor in Logic  - a minor consisting of courses from three disciplines: computer science, mathematics and philosophy

Administration and Faculty

Department Office:

919  East
(212) 772-5300

fax (212) 772-4858
Web site: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu


Barry Cherkas
919A  East
(212) 772-5300

Dolciani Mathematics
Learning Center:

Hunter East, 7th Floor Library – Silverstein Student Success Center
(212) 772-5371


Mathematics and Statistics Faculty  

HEGIS Codes: 1701 (BA; BA/MA in Mathematics, Adolescent Education/Mathematics); 1701/1703 (BA/MA in Mathematics/Statistics and Applied Mathematics); 1702 (BA in Statistics); 1702/1703 (BA/MA in Statistics/Statistics and Applied Mathematics)

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