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Undergraduate Catalog 2011-2012 
Undergraduate Catalog 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Statistics - BA

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The study of statistics provides the student with analytical tools that may find application in various fields within the sciences and social sciences. Bioinformatics is a rapidly developing area open to students in statistics with a working knowledge of computing and biological sciences. Actuarial science is one area open to students in statistics who also have backgrounds in such subjects as computer science, mathematics and economics. The BA/MA in Statistics and Applied Mathematics offered by the department provides enrichment for undergraduate statistics majors.

To enter the major the student must have completed MATH 15000  and MATH 15500 . Normally, the statistics major consists of 32 credits as follows: 29 credits of core curriculum courses and any additional 3-credit statistics, mathematics, or computer science course approved by the statistics adviser. Modifications are permitted with the consent of the statistics adviser. For example, a student may elect to replace STAT 21200 with a more advanced course. With permission of the adviser, a student may take graduate courses in statistics and applied mathematics. Students interested in bioinformatics take the additional courses listed in the concentration in quantitative biology.


Statistics Minor

A minor in statistics consists of at least 12 credits selected from STAT courses offered by the department. Statistics minors are required to take all necessary prerequisites. Students should consult the catalog to determine prerequisites necessary for them to enroll in courses that count toward the minor. It is recommended that prospective statistics minors consult with an undergraduate adviser concerning course selection.

Actuarial Sequence

A student interested in actuarial work should take the following courses. Students are also encouraged to take courses in accounting, economics and computer science. For information concerning examinations and prizes given to undergraduates by the Society of Actuaries, consult the departmental adviser.


A student majoring in mathematics or statistics may become a candidate for departmental honors by successfully completing MATH 49000 , by presenting a major GPA of at least 3.6 and by achieving a satisfactory rating on a comprehensive examination.

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