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Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013 
Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science - BA

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The computer science major consists of 39 credits in CSCI courses and a collateral 14 credits in MATH/STAT courses.

Preliminary Course

Before being permitted to enter computer science as a major, a student must complete the following  two courses each with a grade of C or better. Students planning to pursue a computer science major are strongly encouraged to declare their major as soon as possible after completing CSCI 13500 and CSCI 13600 and to seek help from a faculty adviser for assistance with individual curriculum planning.


Students who declared their major in spring 2009 or before

Students who declared their major in or before spring 2009 are held bound by this rule:  In addition to the preliminary and required courses, each major must complete 15 hours of elective credits from  CSCI courses higher than 200-level with a grade of C or better.  At least 12 elective credits must be in classes other than CSCI 39100  CSCI 39200  and CSCI 39300 . With departmental permission, certain appropriate upper-level electives from other academic departments may be substituted. They are not required to take CSCI 49900 , but may choose is as an elective.

Students who declared their major after Spring 2009

Students who declared their major after spring 2009 take a minimum of 11 (rather than 15) elective credit hours and are required to successfully complete CSCI 49900 , after having successfully completed all other required courses for the major.

Recommended course sequence for entering freshmen without credit for pre-calculus and without prior computer programming experience:

Recommended course sequence for students with transfer credit for CSCI 13500, 15000 and 16000 and MATH 15000 and 15500:

Recommended course sequence for students in the bioinformatics concentration:

Minor in Computer Science

A minor in Computer Science consists of 13-14 credits of coursework. These credits include the following required courses – note that MATH 12500  is a prerequisite course to CSCI 12700  however MATH 125 does not count towards the Computer Science Minor: 


All prerequisites must be fulfilled for any CSCI course. The only exception is a written waiver from the instructor.

Prospective minors should be aware that this course of study usually requires a minimum of four semesters to complete.

Please note

Computer science majors cannot choose computer science for their minor.

Minors for Computer Science Majors

Hunter College no longer requires students to take a minor field of study in conjunction with their major. Nevertheless, because of the broad spectrum of inter­ests among computer science majors at Hunter, students interested in pursuing a minor field of study may wish to combine a minor with the computer science major in is such fields as mathemantics, geography, economics, film and media.

Mathematics - BA 

Geography - BA 

Economics - BA 

Film - BA 
Media Studies - BA 

Consult an adviser in the department of the minor you wish to pursue for further information.


To graduate from Hunter College with honors in computer science, a student must have at least a 2.7 GPA overall and a 3.5 GPA or better in computer science/math and a grade of A in one of the CSCI 49300  series of courses.

Additional Information

The “one repeat” rule is in effect for all courses to be used toward the major, from CSCI 13500 through the 400-level courses. This means that if a student fails a CSCI major course once (failure = D, F, NC, WU), that student will have only one more chance to pass the course. In addition, the Computer Science Department will not accept a CR grade in any of the preliminary or required courses for the major (CSCI 13500 , CSCI 15000 , CSCI 16000 , CSCI 23500 , CSCI 26000  , CSCI 26500  ,CSCI 33500 , CSCI 34000 , CSCI 36000 ). Any student wishing to declare computer science as a major who has received a grade of CR in any of the CSCI courses listed above, must ask the instructor of that course to change the CR grade to the appropriate letter grade. This must be done before the declaration of major form can be authorized.

Please note: A grade of “D” is not considered a passing grade by this department for any of the computer science or math courses required for the major.

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