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Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013 
Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Medical Laboratory Sciences: Biomedical Science BS

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The Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS): Biomedical Science major prepares students for careers in biomedical laboratories and other health-related professions. The MLS curriculum builds upon the basic science courses required to enter the program. Courses in the major fall into the following categories:

1. fundamental lab skills

2. clinical subspecialties

3. advanced biomedical courses 

Emphasis is placed on problem solving and development of laboratory strategies, in addition to theoretical knowledge and practical skills in each of the disciplines in the curriculum. The Biomedical Science major is appropriate for students seeking graduate education in biomedical or health-related fields. This major does not meet the requirements for NY State licensure of clinical laboratory technologists. For the licensure-qualifying program, please see the Medical Laboratory Sciences: Clinical Science BS  major.

The academic demands of MLS courses often require students to carry lighter credit loads than they are accustomed to. Part-time attendance and some evening classes are mechanisms for assisting students to complete the challenging curriculum. See course descriptions and the MLS Web site for more detail.  

Requirements for Graduation in Medical Laboratory Sciences: Biomedical Science (120 cr.)

General Education Core Requirements (39-40 cr.)

 For full list of courses meeting GER, see The General Education Requirements 

General Education Pluralism and Diversity Requirements

12 credits: One course from each group (note: many courses that meet the GER Core requirement also satisfy P/D) see The General Education Requirements 

Group A - non-European Societies

Group B  - non-European Groups in the US

Group C  - Women, issues of gender/sexual orientation

Group D - Europe


General Education Writing Requirement

Up to 3 “W” courses. Many GER core courses meet “W” Significant Writing. See The General Education Requirements