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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art History

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Art History- BA

The Department of Art and Art History offers introductory, intermediate and advanced courses in art history. The major consists of 30 credits. No more than 15 credits transferred from another institution may be applied to the major.

The 30-Credit BA in Art History is intended for students interested in a liberal arts education in the humanities or students planning to continue their art history studies in a graduate program. A broad range of courses from different fields, rather than specialization in one area, is encouraged. In order to declare a major in art history, students must have taken ARTH 11100   (or ARTH 121 or 122). Majors who have completed 3 credits in art history beyond ARTH 11100 are eligible to take the required seminar, Research Methods of Art History ARTH 30000 , to be programmed in consultation with an art history adviser.

Majors planning graduate study in art history should discuss, with an art history adviser, the requirements for graduate admission, including graduate language requirements; this should be done during an early semester. 

A minor may be taken in a related field such as studio art, classics, philosophy, history, or another department with the permission of the adviser. The minor department must approve the minor courses.

Hunter Core Requirement

Note: Several courses leading to (foundational) or within this major may fulfill parts of the Hunter Core Requirement (CUNY Common Core [CCC], Hunter Focus, Concurrent Requirements). When selecting courses, it may be to a student’s advantage to choose courses that count toward the Hunter Core Requirement and also advance the student on the path to the major. Details on the Hunter Core Requirement can be found here:

Hunter Core Requirement .

In the case of the art history major, the course that meets CCC is:

CUNY Common Core Foundational or Major
ARTH 11100  Individual and Society (H) Foundational

*Please note that no more than two courses from any one department will count for the CUNY Common Core.

*ARTH 11100 must be completed before embarking upon the major.  Student with appropriate background may be exempted from some or all Foundational Courses.  See department for proper placement.

Credits Required for the Major 30-33

Foundational Course   3
Major in Art History   30
         One course in each of four distribution areas                      12  
             Research methods   3  
             Advanced seminar (at least one)   3  
             ARTLA 10100    3  
             3 additional courses   9    
Total for students without background in field   33



One course in each of four distribution areas 12 cr.

Note: Distributions can be met via 200-, 300- or 400- level courses.

Distribution areas

(If in doubt, consult with an adviser)

1) Ancient and Medieval (including Egyptian, Greek, Roman)

2) Renaissance and Baroque (including Colonial Latin American)

3) Modern: 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st century (including Modern Latin American)

4) Islamic and Asian (including Indian, Chinese and Japanese)

At least one Advanced Studies Seminar (400-level) 3 cr.

 (Prerequisite: ARTH 300 Research Methods)    3 cr.

Research Methods 3 cr.

3 additional courses 9 cr.

3 additional courses,  from any of the department offerings in art history at the 200, 300 or 400 level

Total 30 cr.


only grades of C and above can be counted toward the Art History major

Minor in Art History

A minor in art history for majors in other departments is also available consisting of 12 credits as follows: ARTH 11100  Introduction to the History of Art, followed by 9 credits selected from the other department offerings. No more than 6 credits transferred from another institution may be applied to the minor.


Art History Major students wishing to graduate with honors must consult an adviser to make an official application for consideration by the faculty members on the Undergraduate Art History Committee on Honors. Application forms are in the Art and Art History office, Room 11054 Hunter North. Major credits must have been completed with a 3.7 grade point average, and the cumulative grade point average, from courses taken only at Hunter, must be at least 3.0. Students must submit a research paper written for Research Methods of Art History ARTH 30000  or an Advanced Studies Seminar ARTH 41000  with instructor’s comments, edits, and grade, to the department’s Undergraduate Art History Committee on Honors. The paper must have received a minimum grade of A-. Papers written for other art history courses may be considered if they conform to the requirements for an Advanced Studies Seminar; consult with an adviser. The committee will review the complete application to determine if the student merits departmental honors.


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