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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biological Sciences - BA

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The Department of Biological Sciences offers two major programs. Major I is for students who intend to prepare for graduate study, medicine, dentistry, secondary school teaching, biotechnology and industry. Major II is for students preparing to teach in elementary schools. Students planning to pursue Major I are strongly encouraged to declare their major as soon as possible after completing one semester of Principles of Biology.

Declared majors are assigned a permanent faculty adviser who will assist in individual curriculum planning. Students are required to meet with their adviser at least once each semester throughout their undergraduate career to discuss their program and progress.

CR/NC Policy

Only a letter grade (A, B, C, D, including + or -) will be accepted by the department in the required science and mathematics courses for the biology Major I and Major II.

Minor in Biological Sciences

The minor in Biological Sciences gives students a basic understanding of biology from the molecular and cellular to the organismal and population level.  This includes both theoretical aspects presented in lecture as well as practical aspects presented in lab.  Flexibility is built into the minor to allow students to select courses corresponding to their interests.
In order to minor in Biological Sciences a student must pass four courses resulting in a minor GPA of 2.0 or higher.  All students who want a Minor in Biological Sciences must take:

Number of Credits: A minimum of 12 credits.  Transfer credits may be applied.  At least 2 courses must be taken at Hunter College.

Opportunities for Undergraduates in Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Research Students who wish to undertake a research project under the supervision of a faculty member must first obtain written permission from that faculty member and then register for BIOL 48000 BIOL 48300 . Research opportunities for undergraduates at Hunter are available in cell and molecular biology, developmental biology, neuroscience, cancer biology, AIDS, microbiology and a variety of other contemporary areas. In some cases students may be permitted to work at one of the several neighboring research institutions. Synopses of faculty research interests can be obtained in the department office or from the Department of Biological Sciences Web site ( In addition, there are summer research opportunities available at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Woods Hole Research Center through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Please note that, to qualify for departmental honors at graduation, there is a research requirement.

Honors Work

In order to qualify for departmental honors, students must have a departmental GPA of at least 3.5 and an overall GPA of at least 3.0. They must also satisfy a research requirement consisting of either:

Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Programs in Biological Sciences

BA/MA Program in Biological Sciences and Adolescent Education: Biology

This is an accelerated program leading to a BA in Biological Sciences and an MA in Adolescent Education: Biology. Undergraduates admitted to the program start graduate courses during their senior year and will be able to complete the MA degree one year after they complete the requirements for the BA degree. Interested students should contact a Biology Department adviser early in their undergraduate career.

BA/MA Program with Specialization in Biotechnology

In this five-year program, qualified biology majors begin graduate work as seniors and receive the MA one year after completing BA requirements. Students are provided with theoretical knowledge and skills in molecular biology and a foundation for application of these skills in careers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, academic research, or public health. Successful completion of the biotechnology workshop (BIOL 410/610), an essential program component, entitles students to a summer internship in an industrial or private research laboratory. Interested biology majors should contact a departmental adviser as early as possible.

BA/MS Program in Biological Sciences/Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences

This is an accelerated program leading to a BA in biology and an MS in environmental and occupational health sciences in five years. Biology majors admitted to the program start graduate work in their senior year. Interested students should contact a departmental adviser early in their undergraduate studies, as well as the office of the Director of the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Program at the CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College. The program provides biology majors with a career option in public health.

BS/MA Program in Medical Laboratory Sciences and Biotechnology

Qualified medical lab science seniors may apply to the BS/MA collaboration: Medical Laboratory Sciences with Specialization in Biotechnology - Accelerated BS/MA between MLS and the department of Biological Sciences. An intensive techniques workshop (BIOL 41000) is taken prior to graduation and upon successful completion, students may continue with professional internship and the MA program, allowing MLS graduates to complete the degree at an accelerated pace.

MA Program in Biological Sciences

See Career Planning-Graduate Study .

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