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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry - BA

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There are two chemistry majors: Major I, a 43-credit concentration in addition to an 11-credit general chemistry core, is designed to prepare the students with intensive training for professional research and graduate study. Major II consists of three options: Option 1 for students interested in the chemical industry; Option 2 (the biochemistry option) for students interested in the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or physical therapy; Option 3 (bioinformatics option) for students interested in graduate studies in biochemistry and bioinformatics as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Major II includes a minimum concentration of 28 credits (option 1), 26 credits (option 2), and 20.5 credits (option 3) in 200-level and above chemistry courses, in addition to an 11-credit general chemistry core. Options 1-3 are all appropriate for students pursuing teacher education programs.

Students considering a chemistry major should consult the departmental adviser during their first semester to plan the proper sequence of courses, and they are urged to consult with the adviser at least once each succeeding semester. A year of General Chemistry and the accompanying General Chemistry Laboratory are prerequisites for admission to both Major I and Major II. 

Minor in Chemistry

A minor in Chemistry consists of a pre-requisite year of General Chemistry with laboratory (CHEM 10200  through CHEM 10600  or equivalent, 9 credits), and a minimum of 14 credits of coursework. Note that MATH 12500  is a co-requisite to General Chemistry. The minimum of 14 credits include the following required courses below. In addition, students will be required to take at least 5.5 credits of electives selected from Chemistry offerings numbered 200 or above, excluding CHEM 29101 


Honors Work

Opportunity for an individual research experience is provided by an honors course


Advanced lecture courses in special areas of chemistry, and lab courses providing training in inorganic and organic chemistry and in research techniques, are offered as electives for Major I and are open to students enrolled in Major II who have fulfilled the course prerequisites.

Graduate Study

Qualified chemistry majors may be admitted to 700-level courses in the graduate program. Permission of the department is required.

Preparation for Teaching

In cooperation with the School of Education, the Department of Chemistry provides opportunities for students to prepare for careers in teaching at the elementary and secondary level in the area of chemistry. Chemistry Major II, Option I (37 credits) and Option 2 (35 credits) both satisfy the requirements for New York State certification for teachers of chemistry in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) and Adolescent Education (Grades 7-12). See Childhood Education (QUEST) Grades 1-6 - BA  and Adolescent Chemistry, Grades 7-12 - BA . For students pursuing certification as chemistry teachers at the secondary level, the 26-credit adolescent education sequence is appropriate. Students who want to qualify for New York City licensing and New York State certification for teaching in secondary schools should consult the School of Education  section of this catalog for additional requirements.

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