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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Hebrew - BA

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Placement and Exemption Students with background in the language should consult the head of the Hebrew Division for proper placement or for language exemption..


The major consists of 24 credits from courses beyond HEBR 101-102. In general, a Hebrew major is required to achieve proficiency in Biblical and/or modern Hebrew literature by successfully completing a minimum of four courses at the 300 level in Hebrew. Courses in Hebraic studies conducted in English may be applied toward partial fulfillment of the Hebrew major provided they are part of a coherent program approved by the head of the division.

Qualified students interested in a more intensive program in the field of Hebraic or Judaic studies, particularly those preparing for graduate work in such specialized areas as Semitic languages and civilizations, Jewish history, Biblical studies and archaeology, medieval or modern Hebrew literature, Near Eastern studies or religious studies, should consult a division adviser regarding additional courses and supportive studies in related fields.

Preparation for Teaching in Grades 7-12

In cooperation with the School of Education, the Program in Hebrew provides opportunities for students to prepare for a career in teaching Hebrew in grades 7-12. Students preparing to teach Hebrew must complete a 33-credit major option for teaching that includes the 24-credit sequence taken by non-teaching majors, HEBR 39900 , and 6 additional credits in Hebrew language and literature at the 300 or 400 level. Students interested in teaching Hebrew in New York schools should take the 23-credit pedagogical sequence for grades 7-12 . This sequence may count toward the course requirements for New York State Certification, but will not by itself be sufficient for certification. Students interested in a teaching career should consult with the School of Education .


Two minors are offered, one in Hebrew, the other in Hebraic Studies.

Hebrew Minor

The Hebrew minor requires the successful completion of 12 credits at the 200-level or above.  Courses counted toward the Hebrew minor must be either language courses or have Hebrew as their language of instruction.

Hebraic Studies Minor

The Hebraic Studies minor requires the successful completion of four HEBR literature and/or culture courses on the 200-level or above, taught in English or in Hebrew. Two Hebrew language courses other than Elementary and Intermediate Hebrew—e.g., Biblical Hebrew, Advanced Hebrew— may be used toward the minor requirement in lieu of two literature or culture courses.


Opportunity for honors work is available through HEBR 49100 - Honors Project .

Courses in Hebrew

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