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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physics Option 2

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(Biophysics concentration) is recommended for students planning to pursue graduate studies and industrial R&D in biological related areas in physics, chemistry, bioengineering, and material sciences. This concentration is designed to allow the students to gain a solid foundation in physics and biology, together with a specially-designed course in biophysics which demonstrates the disciplinary interface between the two. The concentration requirements consist of courses in physics (26 cr), mathematics (12 cr), chemistry (15 cr) and biology (18 cr) and 8 credits of electives (at least 4 must be in physics).

Foundational Courses

Foundational Courses must be completed before embarking upon the major. Students with appropriate background may be exempted from some or all Foundational Courses. See department for proper placement.

  • MATH 12500 - Precalculus
  • MATH 12600 - Precalculus Technology Laboratory

    Hunter Core Requirement Courses leading to (foundational) or within this major may fulfill parts of the Hunter Core Requirement (CUNY Common Core [CCC], Hunter Focus, Concurrent Requirements). When selecting courses, it may be to a student’s advantage to choose courses that count toward the Hunter Core Requirement and also advance the student on the path to the major. Details on the Hunter Core Requirement can be found here: Hunter Core Requirement.  

Option 2