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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Women and Gender Studies - BA

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Foundational Courses

Foundational Courses must be completed before embarking upon the major. Students with appropriate background may be exempted from some or all Foundational Courses. See department for proper placement.


    Hunter Core Requirement Courses leading to (foundational) or within this major may fulfill parts of the Hunter Core Requirement (CUNY Common Core [CCC], Hunter Focus, Concurrent Requirements). When selecting courses, it may be to a student’s advantage to choose courses that count toward the Hunter Core Requirement and also advance the student on the path to the major. Details on the Hunter Core Requirement can be found here: Hunter Core Requirement .  




The Women and Gender Studies Program offers a 27-credit major. The 27 required credits are distributed as follows:

Core 12 cr


Students will choose one from among the 6 areas of concentration listed as follows:

Please go to the WGS website schedule of classes ( for a complete list of cross-listed courses that fulfill each of the 6 areas of concentration.

I.   Women and Gender Studies: Feminist Thought and Theory 

II.  Women and Gender Studies: Sexualities 

III. Women and Gender Studies: Gender & Public Policy 

IV. Women and Gender Studies: Gender, Literature and the Arts 

V.  Women and Gender Studies: Labor, Migration and Globalization 

VI. Women and Gender Studies: Women in Culture and Society 

Electives - 6 credits

Students will be required to take two elective classes (6 credits). One (3 credits) of the two elective classes MUST be in an alternative Area of Concentration than their primary one. At least one of the classes in the student’s Area of Concetration or elective must be 300 level or above.

Minor in Women and Gender Studies - 12 credits

The Minor in Women and Gender Studies requires students to take 12 credits: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGS 10000  ), Classics in Feminist Thought (WGS 20100 ) , Transnational Feminisms (WGS 24400  ) and one elective course from one of the six areas of concentration.

WGS 10000 - Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies  , must be completed before WGS 20100 - Classics in Feminist Thought (W)  and WGS 24400 - Transnational Feminisms .


Majors may satisfy the Senior Seminar requirement by interning in organizations that relate to the needs or concerns of women, and by simultaneously enrolling in WGSP 32000  Internship Seminar, where their internship experiences and assigned readings will be discussed. Majors may also take the research seminar at the same time. The internship option is available to minors as well as majors. Interested students should consult with the program director before registering for the internship seminar. Students who wish to undertake an independently arranged internship outside of the formal internship seminar may enroll in WGSI 29800  with the permission of the program director.

Research Seminar

Majors may satisfy the Senior Seminar requirement of the major by enrolling in the Research Seminar (WGS 31000 ), a capstone course in which they will apply feminist theory and methodology to a significant research project resulting in a substantial paper. Students who wish to qualify for honors in Women and Gender Studies must enroll in the research seminar.


In order to graduate with honors in Women and Gender Studies, a student must have a 3.5 GPA in the Women and Gender Studies major and a college-wide cumulative index of at least 3.0. Students should submit a 18-20 page paper written for any Women and Gender Studies 300 level class including but not limited to the Research Seminar (WGS 31000 ). The student must submit the paper by March 15 (for June graduation) and October 15 (for December graduation) to be considered for program honors. The papers will be read by a faculty committee to judge whether it merits honors.

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