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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Minor in Physical Anthropology

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The Physical Anthropology Minor introduces students to the study of human evolution, including human variation, paleontology, genetics, and primatology. The Minor consists of a minimum of 12 credits. These must include ANTHP 10100 - Human Evolution (4 Cr). The remaining credits can be filled by any ANTHP courses. Also, one (and only one) non-ANTHP course from the following list may count towards the minor. In order to graduate with a Physical Anthropology Minor, students must earn a C grade or better in all the courses counted towards the minor.

Required course for the minor
ANTHP 10100 - Human Evolution  

8 or more credits from any of the following courses (only one non-ANTHP course may be used for the Physical Anthropology Minor):
ANTHP 10200 - Human Variation 
ANTHP 30100 - Human Fossil Record 
ANTHP 30200 - Human Genetics 
ANTHP 31000 - Primate Ecology and Behavior 
ANTHP 31100 - Primate Evolution 
ANTHP 31200 - Primate Evolutionary Genetics 
ANTHP 31600 - Human Evolutionary Adaptations 
ANTHP 40100 - Seminars in Selected Topics 

Non-ANTHP courses
ANTHC 12600 - Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology 
BIOL 10000 - Principles of Biology I 
BIOL 12000 - Anatomy and Physiology I 
GEOL 10000 - Introductory to Geology 
PSYCH 16000 - Evolution and Behavior 

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