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Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 
Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biochemistry - MA

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Requirements for Admission

General admission requirements to Hunter’s graduate programs  are observed including GRE (verbal and quantitative reasoning); TOEFL (for foreign students whose native language is other than English).

In addition, the student must have completed the following courses: general chemistry (including qualitative analysis) (one year), quantitative analysis, organic chemistry (one year), physical chemistry (one semester lecture and laboratory), biology (one year), biochemistry lecture and laboratory (one semester). Deficiencies may be made up during the first three semesters of graduate study.

Requirements for the Degree

Comprehensive Examination or Thesis:

Students may complete the requirements for the MA through either of the following two plans:

  • Plan (1): A minimum of 30 credits of course work plus a passing grade in a comprehensive examination.
  • Plan (2): A minimum of 24 credits of course work, plus 6 credits from a thesis on an original research problem. The thesis must be approved by the student’s adviser, and it must be defended before a thesis committee.


The student must complete the following courses from the list below. Note that no more than 10 credits of 600-level courses may be taken.

Additional Information

Any remaining or additional credits may be taken by choosing courses in biology or chemistry as electives.