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Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 
Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pure Mathematics - MA

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Students in the MA program in Pure Mathematics want to investigate mathematics beyond the undergraduate level. Most have a bachelor’s degree in math. But there are always several with an undergraduate degree in a related topic and a few students, whose undergraduate background is completely unrelated. In both of these cases the students filled out their math background prior to applying for admissions. 

Students use this program for various purposes. Many use their added math background as part of a competitive application to a doctoral program. In-service teachers gain permanent certification via their MA. Others use their degree to seek employment or advancement to positions that require an advanced degree. Several seek positions as instructors at local area colleges. Others are in areas unrelated to education.

Admission Requirements for the MA in Pure Mathematics

The general college admission requirements must be satisfied. These include the Graduate Record Examination and two letters of recommendation.  The Department’s requirements are flexible. They are intended to encourage students without a prior specialization in mathematics to pursue a degree in mathematics.

Degree Requirements for the MA in Pure Mathematics

Thirty credits (10 courses) from courses chosen as follows:

3. Geometry and Topology Core

4. Fifteen credits (5 courses)

Fifteen credits (5 courses) from MATH 70000 and/or STAT 70000-level courses approved by the graduate mathematics adviser. The department’s course rotation schedule may make it necessary to substitute a limited number of courses at the MATH 60000 level in order to ensure that students graduate in a timely fashion. 

5. Written comprehensive examination

Students must complete comprehensive examinations in four areas of mathematics during their final semester. Examinations in algebra and analysis are required, and the other two topics can be selected with an advisor’s approval. A failed examination may be repeated. After two failures the student must have the approval of a committee formed by the department chair to review the case. The student may be allowed to repeat the exam or may be required to leave the program.

6. Reading knowledge

Students must exhibit a working knowledge of a foreign language by translating a mathematical passage into English.


For further information on the MA in Pure Mathematics, please contact Professor John Loustau: jloustau@msn.com.

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