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Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 
Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Research/Industrial/Teaching Chemistry - MA

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Departmental Requirements for Admission

General admission requirements to the graduate programs in the Arts and Sciences are observed.

Departmental Requirements for Matriculation

Undergraduate record:

  1. Undergraduate work in chemistry to include a minimum of one-year courses in each of the following fields: general, analytical, organic, and physical chemistry, or their equivalents.
  2. A strong record in all undergraduate chemistry courses and a general undergraduate record indicating ability to profit from graduate study. Performance on the Graduate Record Examination and letters of recommendation are also considered.

Departmental Requirements for the Degree

A. Residence

A minimum residence of two full semesters or four half-time semesters.

B. Course distribution

1. 30 graduate credits

A minimum of 30 graduate credits.

2. Required courses (one semester each)

The department graduate committee may at its discretion waive or modify some of these required courses for students who have had the equivalent training. In such cases the student may be required to show competence through formal or informal examination.

Total 15

3. Proficiency

Students must be able to demonstrate proficiency in laboratory techniques. Students unable to demonstrate such proficiency may be required to take whatever laboratory work the graduate committee deems necessary.

4. Foreign language

Demonstrated ability to read and utilize in research the foreign language chosen from French, German, or Russian, most closely related to the student’ s program of graduate study.

5. Mathematics, Physics and Chemical Engineering

Graduate courses in mathematics, physics and chemical engineering up to maximum of 6 credits may be taken with the approval of the departmental committee.

C. Comprehensive examination

 A comprehensive examination will be required of all candidates.

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