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Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Latin American and Caribbean Studies - BA

The specialization in Latin American and Caribbean Studies as a major leading to a BA degree consists of 24 credits.  The core courses for the major are drawn from the social sciences, humanities, and arts. Following the program’s goal of exposing the region’s realities from the perspectives of various disciplines, no more than two courses from any single department may count for the 24 major credits.  The program recommends that students take a 12-credit minor in one of the associated disciplinary departments. Students select courses for the major in consultation with the program’s director or with a member of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Faculty Advisory Committee.

The interdisciplinary specialization of the major will serve graduates well, whether they choose to seek employment in public or private organizations, pursue professional degrees, or go on to a graduate degree in the social sciences or humanities.

Language Requirement

Latin American and Caribbean Studies majors are required to demonstrate a reading knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese, or French, fulfilled at least one semester before graduation from the college.

Course Requirements for the Major

LACS students are required to take either LACS 33000  (a field course for students to study or intern in the region or intern in an institution in the New York area) or LACS 43400  (a course that comprises preparation of a major original research paper to be developed in close association with a mentor from the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Faculty Advisory Committee). ENGL 12000  is a prerequisite for program courses.

Departmental Honors

LACS majors with a GPA above 3.5 are eligible to receive the Lily Mage Award.

CR/NC Policy

No CR/NC grades will be accepted in courses to meet LACS major requirements.


In addition to its distinguished regular Hunter faculty, LACS offers students courses by excellent adjunct faculty.


Faculty mentoring is very important to the LACS Program. Majors should maintain regular contact with their mentors/advisers.

Study Abroad

Study abroad is encouraged for LACS majors. Study-abroad programs are offered through the Education Abroad Programs  office at Hunter College..

Course Offerings for LACS

Course Offerings in LACS from Other Departments